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ICR Documents

Document Date Uploaded
31450100 Part A Revision.doc 08/07/2009

Document Date Uploaded
31450100 Part B Revision.doc 08/07/2009

Title Document Document Type Date Uploaded
FY 2009 Academic R&D Survey Clearance Request - response FY 2009 Academic RD Survey clearance request - response to OMB questions July 2009.doc Supplementary Document 08/07/2009
Appendix A Questions and Protocols V1 (from the ZIP file) Appendix A Quex and Protocols V1.doc Supplementary Document 08/07/2009
Appendix B Quex and Protocols V2 (From the ZIP file) 31450100 Part B Revision.doc Supplementary Document 08/07/2009
Appendix C Quex and Protocols V3 (from the ZIP file) Appendix C Quex and Protocls V3.doc Supplementary Document 08/07/2009
Cognitive Site Visit Report Revised 4/2/2009 (from the ZIP file) Cognitive Site Visit Report Revised 04-02-09.doc Supplementary Document 08/07/2009
Kauffman Foundation letter of support Attachment 5 Kauffman Foundation letter of support.pdf Supplementary Document 08/07/2009
Kauffman letter attachment Attachment 5 Kauffman letter attachment.pdf Supplementary Document 08/07/2009
FY 2009 Academic R&D Pop review email FY 2009 Academic R&D Pop review email.doc Supplementary Document 08/07/2009
FY 2009 Academic R&D Survey advance and cover letters FY 2009 Academic R&D survey advance and cover letters.doc Supplementary Document 08/07/2009
September 17 Memo OMB Amendment to Academic RD Survey.doc Justification for No Material/Nonsubstantive Change 09/18/2007

Author Name Comment Document Author Affiliation Sponsoring Org. Type Category Date of Comment Date Comment Received
Sachau, B. Fw taxpayers should not pay for this more often than every 5 years - not every year.txt Private citizen Self Email Simple 01/09/2009 01/09/2009
Fixler, Dennis Attachment 2 Bureau of Economic Analysis letter of support.doc Chief Statistician Bureau of Economic Analysis Email Simple 02/24/2009 02/24/2009
            Blank fields in records indicate information that was not collected or not collected electronically prior to July 2006.
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