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ICR Documents

Document Date Uploaded
OMB Part A.pdf 03/12/2012

Document Date Uploaded
OMB Part B.pdf 03/12/2012

Title Document Document Type Date Uploaded
Relationship of Collected Data to Study Objectives A-Relationship of Collected Data to Study Objectives.pdf Supplementary Document 03/12/2012
Field Test Results B-Field Test Results.pdf Supplementary Document 12/08/2011
Technical Working Group Recommendations C-TWG Recommendations.pdf Supplementary Document 12/08/2011
Advance Postcard D-Advance Postcard.pdf Supplementary Document 12/09/2011
Study Brochure E-Study Brochure.pdf Supplementary Document 03/12/2012
Household Screener F-Household Screener and hand cards.pdf Supplementary Document 03/12/2012
Consent Form G-Consent Form.pdf Supplementary Document 03/12/2012
Calendar Magnet I-Magnet.pdf Supplementary Document 03/12/2012
CIPSEA Pledge T-CIPSEA Pledge on Study Website.pdf Supplementary Document 12/09/2011
Confidentiality Agreement MPR Employees U-Confidentiality Agreement.pdf Supplementary Document 12/09/2011
Field Test Nonresponse Bias Analysis V-Nonresponse Bias Analysis.pdf Supplementary Document 03/12/2012
Image Handheld Scanner L-Image of Handheld Scanner.pdf Supplementary Document 12/09/2011
Crosswalk for OMB Passback Crosswalk for OMB passback on Food APS USDA ERS.pdf Supplementary Document 03/12/2012
W-Script for Initial Visit (cognitive test Version) Appdx W-Script for Initial Visit (CogTest).pdf Supplementary Document 04/20/2012
Report of Cognitive Test for recruitment training video FoodAPS Cognitive Test Memo.pdf Supplementary Document 04/20/2012
Initial Visit Script (Revised per Cog Test) Appdx X-Script for Initial Visit (Revised).pdf Supplementary Document 04/20/2012
National Food Study Data Field Report to OMB #1 FoodAPS report to OMB #1(120608).docx Supplementary Document 06/11/2012
Postcard to sampled households living in gated communities or locked buildings Postcard2Upload_Gated Communities.pdf Supplementary Document 07/27/2012
FoodAPS monthly fielding activity report to OMB FoodAPS -- OMB report #2.docx Supplementary Document 07/27/2012
Household Screener Screener2012-07-27.pdf Supplementary Document 07/27/2012
Cover memo for nonsubstantive change request Crosswalk memo.docx Justification for No Material/Nonsubstantive Change 04/20/2012
Spanish Cognitive Test FoodAPS Spanish Cognitive Tests.pdf Justification for No Material/Nonsubstantive Change 05/08/2012
Memorandum for Nonsubstantive Change Request Request.docx Justification for No Material/Nonsubstantive Change 06/12/2012
Memorandum on the requests for nonsubstantive changes and respective justifications FoodAPS 2012-07-27.docx Justification for No Material/Nonsubstantive Change 07/27/2012

Author Name Comment Document Author Affiliation Sponsoring Org. Type Category Date of Comment Date Comment Received
            Blank fields in records indicate information that was not collected or not collected electronically prior to July 2006.
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