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Follow-Up Activities for Product-Related Injuries-Interviews
No Modified

Document Type Form No. Form Name Instrument File URL Available Electronically? Can Be Submitted Electronically? Electronic Capability
Form 182 Epidemiologic Investigation Report Form 182 from 2011 Field Manual for Investigations.pdf Yes Yes Fillable Fileable

Health Consumer Health and Safety

CPSC-1  63 FR 250

4,250 0
Individuals or Households
   0 %

  Approved Program Change Due to New Statute Program Change Due to Agency Discretion Change Due to Adjustment in Agency Estimate Change Due to Potential Violation of the PRA Previously Approved
Annual Number of Responses for this IC 4,250 0 -389,702 0 0 393,952
Annual IC Time Burden (Hours) 3,708 0 -45,997 0 0 49,705
Annual IC Cost Burden (Dollars) 0 0 -1,726,390 0 0 1,726,390

Title Document Date Uploaded
Television tipover guidelines OMB0029_2010_6_Television Tipovers.pdf 03/24/2010
Crib Falls guidelines OMB0029_2010_7_crib falls.pdf 03/24/2010
General Fire guidelines OMB0029_2010_8_general fire.pdf 03/24/2010
General Respondent NEISS OMB0029_2010_9_General Respondent NEISS.pdf 03/24/2010
Generators guidelines OMB0029_2010_10_generators.pdf 03/24/2010
Saws Guidelines OMB0029_2010_11_Saws.pdf 03/24/2010
Submersion Guidelines OMB0029_2010_12_submersion.pdf 03/24/2010
NEISS and Childhood Poisoning Guidelines OMB0029_2010_13_NEISS & Childhood Poisoning.pdf 03/24/2010
Windown Covering cords Guidelines OMB0029_2010_14_Window covering cords.pdf 03/24/2010
Chain Saws Guidelines OMB0029_2010_15_chain saws.pdf 03/24/2010
Range Oven Fires guidelines OMB0029_2010_16_Range oven fires.pdf 03/24/2010
Heat Tapes Guidelines OMB0029_2010_17_heat tapes.pdf 03/24/2010
Riding Mowers Guidelines OMB0029_2010_18_riding mowers.pdf 03/24/2010
Mattress Bedding Fires Guidelines OMB0029_2010_19_mattress bedding fires.pdf 03/24/2010
CO Poisoning Guidelines OMB0029_2010_20_CO poisoning.pdf 03/24/2010
Upholstered Furniture Guidelines OMB0029_2010_21_Upholstered Furniture.pdf 03/24/2010
Children Wearing Apparel Guidelines OMB0029_2010_23_Children wearing apparel.pdf 03/24/2010
Toys Guidelines OMB0029_2010_24_Toys.pdf 03/24/2010
Electric Shock Guidelines OMB0029_2010_25_electric shock.pdf 03/24/2010
Structural Entrapment Guidelines OMB0029_2010_26_Structural entrapment.pdf 03/24/2010
Playground Guidelines OMB0029_2010_27_Playground.pdf 03/24/2010
Spas Guidelines OMB0029_2010_28_Spas.pdf 03/24/2010
Bicycles Guidelines OMB0029_2010_29_Bicycles.pdf 03/24/2010
Child Play Lighters Guidelines OMB0029_2010_30_Child Play lighters.pdf 03/24/2010
Nursery Products Guidelines OMB0029_2010_31_Nursery products.pdf 03/24/2010
Small Products Guidelines OMB0029_2010_32_Small products.pdf 03/24/2010
Hedge Trimmers Guidelines OMB0029_2010_33_Hedge trimmers.pdf 03/24/2010
Space Heaters Guidelines OMB0029_2010_34_space heaters.pdf 03/24/2010
Power Tools Guidelines OMB0029_2010_35_power tools.pdf 03/24/2010
Power Toys Guidelines OMB0029_2010_36_power toys.pdf 03/24/2010
Radial Arm Saws Guidelines OMB0029_2010_37_radial arm saws.pdf 03/24/2010
Snow Throwers Guidelines OMB0029_2010_38_snow throwers.pdf 03/24/2010
Space Heaters Guidelines OMB0029_2010_39_space heaters.pdf 03/24/2010
Swimming Pools Guidelines OMB0029_2010_40_swimming pools.pdf 03/24/2010
Table Saw Guidelines OMB0029_2010_41_table saw.pdf 03/24/2010
High Chair Nomenclature Guidelines OMB0029_2010_42_high chair nomenclature.pdf 03/24/2010
Play Pen Nomenclature Guidelines OMB0029_2010_43_play pen nomenclature.pdf 03/24/2010
Electric Distribution Systems Guidelines OMB0029_2010_44_Electrical distribution systems.pdf 03/24/2010
Garage Door Operators Guidelines OMB0029_2010_45_garage door operators.pdf 03/24/2010
Grass Trimmers Guidelines OMB0029_2010_46_grass trimmers.pdf 03/24/2010
Brushcutters Guidelines OMB0029_2010_47_brushcutters.pdf 03/24/2010
Fire Alert Guidelines OMB0029_2010_48_fire alert.pdf 03/24/2010
ATV Guidelines OMB0029_2010_49_ATV.pdf 03/24/2010
Smoke Detector Guidelines OMB0029_2010_50_smoke detector.pdf 03/24/2010
Amusement Rides Guidelines OMB0029_2010_51_amusement rides.pdf 03/24/2010
LP Gas Fuel Train Guideliens OMB0029_2010_52_LP gas fuel train.pdf 03/24/2010
Furnaces Guidelines OMB0029_2010_53_furnaces.pdf 03/24/2010
Carpet and Rug Guidelines OMB0029_2010_55_carpet and rug.pdf 03/24/2010
Bike Helmets Guidelines OMB0029_2010_56_bike helmets.pdf 03/24/2010
Infant Suffocation Guidelines OMB0029_2010_57_infant suffocations.pdf 03/24/2010
Fireworks Guidelines OMB0029_2010_58_fireworks.pdf 03/24/2010
Baby Walkers Guidelines OMB0029_2010_59_baby walkers.pdf 03/24/2010
Bathtub Incidents Guidelines OMB0029_2010_60_bathtub incidents.pdf 03/24/2010
Bucket Drownings Guidelines OMB0029_2010_61_bucket drownings.pdf 03/24/2010
Non Powder Guns Guidelines OMB0029_2010_62_Nonpowder guns.pdf 03/24/2010
Dishwashers Guidelines OMB0029_2010_63_dishwashers.pdf 03/24/2010
Automatic Gate Opertors Guidelines OMB0029_2010_64_Automatic Gate Opertors.pdf 03/24/2010
Fun Karts Guildeliens OMB0029_2010_65_Fun Karts.pdf 03/24/2010
Wall Covering Fires Guidelines OMB0029_2010_66_Wall covering fires.pdf 03/24/2010
Fire Sprinkler Systems OMB0029_2010_67_Fire sprinkler systems.pdf 03/24/2010
Fixed Position Electric Heaters Guidelines OMB0029_2010_68_Fixed position electric heaters.pdf 03/24/2010
Canle Fires Guidelines OMB0029_2010_69_Candle fires.pdf 03/24/2010
Restraints Guidelines OMB0029_2010_70_Restraints.pdf 03/24/2010
Mobile Home Appliance Fires Guidelines OMB0029_2010_71_Mobile Home applicance fires.pdf 03/24/2010
Butane Grills Guidelines OMB0029_2010_72_Butane grills.pdf 03/24/2010
Electric Lighting Products Guidelines OMB0029_2010_73_electrical lighting products.pdf 03/24/2010
Circuit Breakers Guidelines OMB0029_2010_74_circuit breakers.pdf 03/24/2010
Smoke Detectors Guidelines OMB0029_2010_75_smoke detetectors.pdf 03/24/2010
Bath Seat Rings Guidelines OMB0029_2010_76_bath seats rings.pdf 03/24/2010
Electrical Distribution Systems Guidelines OMB0029_2010_77_electrical distributon systems.pdf 03/24/2010
Nail Guns Guidelines OMB0029_2010_78_Nail guns.pdf 03/24/2010
Tree Stands Guidelines OMB0029_2010_79_Tree stands.pdf 03/24/2010
Paintball Guidelines OMB0029_2010_80_paintball.pdf 03/24/2010
Cagarette Lighters Guidelines OMB0029_2010_81_cigarette lighters.pdf 03/24/2010
Portable LP Gas Grills Guidelines OMB0029_2010_54_portable LP gas grills.pdf 03/24/2010
Adult Wearing Apparel Guidelines OMB0029_2010_22_Adult Wearing Apparel.pdf 03/24/2010
            Blank fields in records indicate information that was not collected or not collected electronically prior to July 2006.
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