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Agency Rule List - Fall 2014

Department of Transportation

Agency Agenda Stage of Rulemaking Title RIN
DOT/OST Proposed Rule Stage Aviation Economic Regulation Amendments 2105-AD86
DOT/OST Proposed Rule Stage Airline Pricing Transparency and Other Consumer Protection Issues 2105-AE11
DOT/OST Proposed Rule Stage Carrier-Supplied Medical Oxygen, Service Animals, Accessible Lavatories on Single-Aisle Aircraft, Service Request Reporting, and Seating Accommodations With Extra Legroom 2105-AE12
DOT/OST Proposed Rule Stage Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs: Revision of Substance Abuse Professional Credential Requirement 2105-AE24
DOT/OST Proposed Rule Stage Transportation Services for Individuals With Disabilities: Over-the-Road Buses (RRR) 2105-AE29
DOT/OST Proposed Rule Stage Use of Mobile Wireless Devices for Voice Calls on Aircraft 2105-AE30
DOT/OST Proposed Rule Stage Accessible In-Flight Entertainment 2105-AE32
DOT/OST Final Rule Stage Protection of Sensitive Security Information 2105-AD59
DOT/OST Final Rule Stage Enhanced Consumer Protections for Charter Air Transportation 2105-AD66
DOT/OST Final Rule Stage Accessibility of Airports 2105-AD91
DOT/OST Final Rule Stage Smoking of Electronic Cigarettes On Commercial Aircraft 2105-AE06
DOT/OST Final Rule Stage Transportation for Individuals With Disabilities: Reasonable Modification 2105-AE15
DOT/OST Final Rule Stage Revisions to the Transportation Acquisition Regulation 2105-AE26
DOT/OST Final Rule Stage Termination of the Department of Transportation Board of Contract Appeals 2105-AE27
DOT/OST Final Rule Stage Reporting Ancillary Airline Passenger Revenues 2105-AE31
DOT/OST Final Rule Stage Adoption of Governmentwide Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards 2105-AE33
DOT/OST Final Rule Stage Use of Electronic Chain of Custody and Control Form in DOT-Regulated Drug Testing Programs 2105-AE35
DOT/FAA Prerule Stage Applying the Flight, Duty, and Rest Rules of 14 CFR Part 135 to Tail-End Ferry Operations (FAA Reauthorization) 2120-AK26
DOT/FAA Prerule Stage Transponder Requirements for Gliders 2120-AK51
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Airport Safety Management System 2120-AJ38
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Operation and Certification of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) 2120-AJ60
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Pilot Professional Development (HR 5900) Rebaselined 2120-AJ87
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Slot Management and Transparency for LaGuardia Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport 2120-AJ89
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Effective Tether System (Tether Rule) (RRR) 2120-AJ90
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Exiting Icing 2120-AJ95
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Changing the Collective Risk Limits for Launches and Reentries and Clarifying the Risk Limit Used to Establish Hazard Areas for Ships and Aircraft 2120-AK06
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) Qualification Standards for Extended Envelope and Adverse Weather Event Training 2120-AK08
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Drug and Alcohol Testing of Certain Maintenance Provider Employees Located Outside of the United States 2120-AK09
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Disclosure of Seat Dimensions to Facilitate Use of Child Safety Seats on Airplanes During Passenger-Carrying Operations (FAA Reauthorization) 2120-AK17
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Changes to Production Certificates and Approvals 2120-AK20
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Fuel Tank and System Lightning Protection (RRR) 2120-AK24
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Aviation Training Devices; Pilot Certification, Training, and Pilot Schools; Other Provisions (RRR) 2120-AK28
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Harmonization of Airworthiness Standards Fire Extinguishers and Class B and F Cargo Compartments 2120-AK29
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Requirements for Protection of Fuel Tanks From Flame Propagation Through Fuel Vent Lines 2120-AK30
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Pilot Records Database (HR 5900) 2120-AK31
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Acceptance Criteria for Portable Oxygen Concentrators Used Onboard Aircraft (RRR) 2120-AK32
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Flammability Requirements for Transport Category Airplanes (RRR) 2120-AK34
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Permanent Requirement for Helicopters to use the New York North Shore Helicopter Route 2120-AK39
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Reciprocal Waivers of Claims for Non-Party Customer Beneficiaries, Signature of Waivers of Claims by Commercial Space Transportation Customers. And Waiver of Claims and Assumption of Responsibility fo 2120-AK44
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Medical Self-Evaluation for Certain Noncommercial Operations in Lieu of Airman Medical Certification 2120-AK45
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Extension of Compliance Date for Commercial Rotorcraft Pilot Testing and Competency Checks 2120-AK47
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools (AMTS) 2120-AK48
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Stage 5 Aircraft Noise Standards 2120-AK52
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Update of Overflight Fees 2120-AK53
DOT/FAA Proposed Rule Stage Revision of Appendix G to Part 91, Operations in Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum Airspace 2120-AK54
DOT/FAA Final Rule Stage Air Carrier Contract Maintenance Requirements 2120-AJ33
DOT/FAA Final Rule Stage Student Pilot Application Requirements (Formerly Photo Requirements for Pilot Certificates) 2120-AJ42
DOT/FAA Final Rule Stage Flight and Duty Time Limitations and Rest Requirements; Supplemental Regulatory Impact Analysis 2120-AJ58
DOT/FAA Final Rule Stage Safety Management Systems for Certificate Holders 2120-AJ86
DOT/FAA Final Rule Stage Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) (RRR) 2120-AJ94
DOT/FAA Final Rule Stage Harmonization of Airworthiness Standards-Gust and Maneuver Load Requirements 2120-AK12
DOT/FAA Final Rule Stage Elimination of the Air Traffic Control Tower Operator Certificate for Controllers Who Hold a Federal Aviation Administration Credential With a Tower Rating (RRR) 2120-AK40
DOT/FAA Final Rule Stage Revision to 14 CFR 135.611(a)(3) IFR Departures With VFR to IFR Transitions (VFR to IFR Departures) 2120-AK49
DOT/FAA Final Rule Stage Prohibition Against Certain Flights in the Simferopol (UKFV) Flight Information Region (FIR) 2120-AK56
DOT/FAA Final Rule Stage Electronic Applications for Licenses, Permits, and Safety Approvals (Electronic Applications) 2120-AK58
DOT/FAA Final Rule Stage Removal of Prohibition Against Certain Flights Within the Territory and Airspace of Ethiopia (Ethiopia SFAR 87) 2120-AK59
DOT/FHWA Proposed Rule Stage Pavement Markings 2125-AF34
DOT/FHWA Proposed Rule Stage National Goals and Performance Management Measures (MAP-21) 2125-AF53
DOT/FHWA Proposed Rule Stage National Goals and Performance Management Measures (MAP-21) 2125-AF54
DOT/FHWA Proposed Rule Stage National Bridge Inspection Standards (MAP-21) 2125-AF55
DOT/FHWA Proposed Rule Stage Asset Management Plan (MAP-21) 2125-AF57
DOT/FHWA Proposed Rule Stage Construction Manager, General Contractor (MAP-21) 2125-AF61
DOT/FHWA Proposed Rule Stage Acquisition of Right-of-Way (RRR) (MAP-21) 2125-AF62
DOT/FHWA Proposed Rule Stage Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (MAP-21) 2125-AF63
DOT/FHWA Proposed Rule Stage Additional Authorities for Planning and Environmental Linkages 2125-AF66
DOT/FHWA Final Rule Stage National Tunnel Inspection Standards (MAP-21) 2125-AF24
DOT/FHWA Final Rule Stage Administration of Engineering and Design Related Service Contracts (RRR) 2125-AF44
DOT/FHWA Final Rule Stage National Goals and Performance Management Measures (MAP-21) 2125-AF49
DOT/FHWA Final Rule Stage Statewide and Nonmetropolitan Transportation Planning; Metropolitan Transportation Planning (MAP-21) 2125-AF52
DOT/FHWA Final Rule Stage Highway Safety Improvement Program (MAP-21) 2125-AF56
DOT/FMCSA Prerule Stage Financial Responsibility for Motor Carriers, Freight Forwarders, and Brokers 2126-AB74
DOT/FMCSA Proposed Rule Stage Qualifications of Drivers; Diabetes Standard 2126-AA95
DOT/FMCSA Proposed Rule Stage Carrier Safety Fitness Determination 2126-AB11
DOT/FMCSA Proposed Rule Stage Electronic Logging Devices and Hours of Service Supporting Documents (MAP-21) 2126-AB20
DOT/FMCSA Proposed Rule Stage MAP-21 Enhancements and Other Updates to the Unified Registration System 2126-AB56
DOT/FMCSA Proposed Rule Stage Prohibition of Coercion (MAP-21) 2126-AB57
DOT/FMCSA Proposed Rule Stage Heavy Vehicle Speed Limiters 2126-AB63
DOT/FMCSA Proposed Rule Stage Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards; Certification Requirements 2126-AB67
DOT/FMCSA Proposed Rule Stage Commercial Driver?s License Requirements of MAP-21 and the Military Commercial Driver's License Act of 2012 2126-AB68
DOT/FMCSA Final Rule Stage Commercial Driver's License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse (MAP-21) 2126-AB18
DOT/FMCSA Final Rule Stage Medical Examiner's Certification Integration (MAP-21) 2126-AB40
DOT/FMCSA Final Rule Stage Lease and Interchange of Vehicles; Motor Carriers of Passengers 2126-AB44
DOT/FMCSA Final Rule Stage Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance; Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report (RRR) 2126-AB46
DOT/FMCSA Final Rule Stage Definition of Tank Vehicle With Respect to Commercial Driver's License Holders 2126-AB61
DOT/FMCSA Final Rule Stage Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustments 2126-AB75
DOT/NHTSA Prerule Stage Rear Impact Guards and Other Safety Strategies for Single Unit Trucks 2127-AL57
DOT/NHTSA Proposed Rule Stage FMVSS 116, Upgrade Rubber for Brake Fluid Testing 2127-AK58
DOT/NHTSA Proposed Rule Stage Heavy Vehicle Speed Limiters 2127-AK92
DOT/NHTSA Proposed Rule Stage Pedestrian Safety Global Technical Regulation (RRR) 2127-AK98
DOT/NHTSA Proposed Rule Stage FMVSS No. 218 and Enforcement Policy Concerning Novelty Helmets 2127-AL01
DOT/NHTSA Proposed Rule Stage Amend FMVSS No. 210 to Incorporate the Use of a New Force Application Device (RRR) 2127-AL05
DOT/NHTSA Proposed Rule Stage Importation of Motor Vehicles Not Originally Manufactured to Comply With Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 2127-AL06
DOT/NHTSA Proposed Rule Stage Amend Definition of 3-Wheeled Vehicles 2127-AL15
DOT/NHTSA Proposed Rule Stage Upgrade of LATCH Usability Requirements (MAP-21) (RRR) 2127-AL20
DOT/NHTSA Proposed Rule Stage Rear Seat Belt Reminder System 2127-AL37
DOT/NHTSA Proposed Rule Stage MAP-21 Civil Penalties Interpretation 2127-AL38
DOT/NHTSA Proposed Rule Stage Electronic Disclosure of Odometer Requirements 2127-AL39
DOT/NHTSA Proposed Rule Stage Automotive Fuel Economy Reports: Allowing Electronic Submission of Reports 2127-AL47
DOT/NHTSA Proposed Rule Stage Use of ISO Warning Symbol for ABS Failure 2127-AL48
DOT/NHTSA Proposed Rule Stage Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles and Work Trucks: Phase 2 2127-AL52
DOT/NHTSA Proposed Rule Stage Upgrade of Rear Impact Guard Requirements for Trailers and Semitrailers (RRR) 2127-AL58
DOT/NHTSA Final Rule Stage FMVSS 114, Theft Protection and Rollaway Prevention, Keyless Ignition Systems 2127-AK88
DOT/NHTSA Final Rule Stage Sound for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles 2127-AK93
DOT/NHTSA Final Rule Stage Electronic Stability Control Systems for Heavy Vehicles (MAP-21) 2127-AK97
DOT/NHTSA Final Rule Stage Amendment to Part 543; Technical Performance Requirements for Immobilizer Devices 2127-AL08
DOT/NHTSA Final Rule Stage Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 108, "Lamps, Reflective Devices, and Associated Equipment" 2127-AL27
DOT/NHTSA Final Rule Stage New FMVSS, Lamps and Reflective Devices for Agricultural Equipment (MAP-21) 2127-AL28
DOT/NHTSA Final Rule Stage Direct Final Rulemaking Procedures 2127-AL32
DOT/NHTSA Final Rule Stage FMVSS No. 571.108 License Plate Mounting Angle 2127-AL41
DOT/NHTSA Final Rule Stage Organization and Delegation of Duties 2127-AL46
DOT/NHTSA Final Rule Stage Tire Identification and Recordkeeping 2127-AL54
DOT/NHTSA Final Rule Stage Response to Petition for Reconsideration of FMVSS No. 305, Electric-Powered Vehicles; Electrolyte Spillage and Electrical Shock Protection 2127-AL56
DOT/FRA Proposed Rule Stage Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing for Maintenance-of-Way Employees 2130-AC10
DOT/FRA Proposed Rule Stage Risk Reduction Program 2130-AC11
DOT/FRA Proposed Rule Stage Qualification and Certification of Locomotive Engineers; Miscellaneous Revisions (RRR) 2130-AC40
DOT/FRA Proposed Rule Stage Hours of Service Recordkeeping; Electronic Recordkeeping Amendments (RRR) 2130-AC41
DOT/FRA Proposed Rule Stage Use of Locomotive Horns at Highway-Rail Grade Crossings; Miscellaneous Revisions 2130-AC42
DOT/FRA Proposed Rule Stage Safety Glazing Standards; Miscellaneous Revisions (RRR) 2130-AC43
DOT/FRA Proposed Rule Stage Passenger Equipment Safety Standards; Standards for Alternative Compliance and High-Speed Trainsets 2130-AC46
DOT/FRA Proposed Rule Stage Securement of Unattended Equipment 2130-AC47
DOT/FRA Proposed Rule Stage Train Crew Staffing 2130-AC48
DOT/FRA Final Rule Stage Roadway Worker Protection; Miscellaneous Revisions 2130-AB89
DOT/FRA Final Rule Stage Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus 2130-AC14
DOT/FRA Final Rule Stage National Highway-Rail Crossing Inventory Reporting Requirements 2130-AC26
DOT/FRA Final Rule Stage Railroad System Safety Program 2130-AC31
DOT/FRA Final Rule Stage Passenger Train Door Operation and Door Safety Requirements 2130-AC34
DOT/FTA Proposed Rule Stage Private Sector Participation 2132-AB06
DOT/FTA Proposed Rule Stage Transit Asset Management 2132-AB07
DOT/FTA Proposed Rule Stage Statewide and Nonmetropolitan Transportation Planning; Metropolitan Transportation Planning (MAP-21) 2132-AB10
DOT/FTA Proposed Rule Stage Bus Testing: Pass/Fail and Safety Criteria (MAP-21) 2132-AB11
DOT/FTA Proposed Rule Stage Buy America: Amendments (MAP-21) 2132-AB16
DOT/FTA Proposed Rule Stage State Safety Oversight (MAP-21) 2132-AB19
DOT/FTA Proposed Rule Stage Additional Authorities for Planning and Environmental Linkages 2132-AB21
DOT/MARAD Proposed Rule Stage Cargo Preference 2133-AB74
DOT/MARAD Proposed Rule Stage Marine Highway Corridor Expansion 2133-AB84
DOT/MARAD Proposed Rule Stage American Fisheries Act 2133-AB86
DOT/MARAD Final Rule Stage Maritime Security Program Extension 2133-AB85
DOT/PHMSA Proposed Rule Stage Pipeline Safety: Safety of On-Shore Liquid Hazardous Pipelines 2137-AE66
DOT/PHMSA Proposed Rule Stage Pipeline Safety: Excess Flow Valves In Applications Other Than Single-Family Residences in Gas Distribution Systems 2137-AE71
DOT/PHMSA Proposed Rule Stage Pipeline Safety: Gas Transmission (RRR) 2137-AE72
DOT/PHMSA Proposed Rule Stage Hazardous Materials: Miscellaneous Pressure Vessel Requirements (DOT Spec Cylinders) (RRR) 2137-AE80
DOT/PHMSA Proposed Rule Stage Hazardous Materials: Reverse Logistics (RRR) 2137-AE81
DOT/PHMSA Proposed Rule Stage Pipeline Safety: Issues Related to the Use of Plastic Pipe in Gas Pipeline Industry 2137-AE93
DOT/PHMSA Proposed Rule Stage Pipeline Safety: Operator Qualification, Cost Recovery, Accident and Incident Notification, and Other Changes (RRR) 2137-AE94
DOT/PHMSA Proposed Rule Stage Hazardous Materials: Incorporation of Special Permits Into the Hazardous Materials Regulations (MAP-21) 2137-AF00
DOT/PHMSA Proposed Rule Stage Hazardous Materials: Miscellaneous Amendments (RRR) 2137-AF04
DOT/PHMSA Proposed Rule Stage Pipeline Safety: Amendments to Parts 192 and 195 to Require Valve Installation and Minimum Rupture Detection Standards 2137-AF06
DOT/PHMSA Proposed Rule Stage Hazardous Materials: Review and Update of Rail Carrier Regulations in Part 174 2137-AF07
DOT/PHMSA Proposed Rule Stage Hazardous Materials: Oil Spill Response Plans for High-Hazard Flammable Trains 2137-AF08
DOT/PHMSA Final Rule Stage Pipeline Safety: Enforcement of State Excavation Damage Laws 2137-AE43
DOT/PHMSA Final Rule Stage Hazardous Materials: Safety Requirements for External Product Piping on Cargo Tanks Transporting Flammable Liquids (Wetlines) (MAP-21) 2137-AE53
DOT/PHMSA Final Rule Stage Hazardous Materials: Adoption of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section XII and the Nat'l Board Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors Code 2137-AE58
DOT/PHMSA Final Rule Stage Pipeline Safety: Miscellaneous Amendments to the Pipeline Safety Regulations 2137-AE59
DOT/PHMSA Final Rule Stage Pipeline Safety: Periodic Updates of Regulatory References to Technical Standards and Miscellaneous Amendments (RRR) 2137-AE85
DOT/PHMSA Final Rule Stage Hazardous Materials: Requirements for the Safe Transportation of Bulk Explosives (RRR) 2137-AE86
DOT/PHMSA Final Rule Stage Hazardous Materials: Enhanced Tank Car Standards and Operational Controls for High-Hazard Flammable Trains 2137-AE91
DOT/PHMSA Final Rule Stage Hazardous Materials: Special Permit and Approvals Standard Operating Procedures and Evaluation Process (MAP-21) 2137-AE99
DOT/PHMSA Final Rule Stage Hazardous Materials: Harmonization With International Standards (RRR) 2137-AF05
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