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Agency Rule List - Fall 2013

National Credit Union Administration

Agency Agenda Stage of Rulemaking Title RIN
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Prompt Corrective Action--Risk-Based Capital 3133-AD77
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Minimum Standards for State Registration of Appraisal Management Companies 3133-AE11
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Minority Depository Institution Preservation Program 3133-AE16
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Charitable Contributions 3133-AE17
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Loans in Areas Having Special Flood Hazards 3133-AE18
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Appraisals for Higher Priced Mortgage Loans Supplemental Proposal 3133-AE21
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Automated Valuation Models 3133-AE23
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Credit Union Conversions and Mergers 3133-AE24
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Electronic Filing of Financial and Other Reports 3133-AE25
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Conflicts of Interest 3133-AE26
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Stress Testing 3133-AE27
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Asset Securitization 3133-AE29
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Voluntary Liquidation 3133-AE30
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Chartering and Field of Membership Manual--Associational Common Bond 3133-AE31
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Benefits for Employees of Federal Credit Unions 3133-AE32
NCUA Final Rule Stage Incentive-Based Compensation Arrangements 3133-AD88
NCUA Final Rule Stage Financial Derivatives Transactions to Offset Interest Rate Risk; Investment and Deposit Activities 3133-AD90
NCUA Final Rule Stage Credit Union Service Organizations 3133-AD93
NCUA Final Rule Stage Maintaining Access to Emergency Liquidity 3133-AD96
NCUA Final Rule Stage Federal Credit Union Ownership of Fixed Assets 3133-AE05
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