12 CFR Ch. VI

Unified Agenda of Federal Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions

AGENCY: Farm Credit Administration.

ACTION: Semiannual regulatory agenda.

SUMMARY The Farm Credit Administration (FCA), as an independent regulatory agency, in compliance with Executive Order 12866, sets forth the following agenda of regulations, which it will have under development and review during the 12 months following publication.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Cindy R. Nicholson, Technical Editor, Office of General Counsel, Farm Credit Administration, 1501 Farm Credit Drive, Mclean, Virginia 22102, (703) 883-4125, TTY (703) 883-4020.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Regulatory Flexibility Act (5 U.S.C. 601 et seq.) contains several provisions intended to reduce unnecessary and disproportionate regulatory requirements on small entities. FCA regulations, which apply to Farm Credit banks and associations, generally do not and will not have a substantial impact on "small entities" as that term is defined in the Regulatory Flexibility Act.

The FCA, as an independent regulatory agency, is exempt from certain provisions of Executive Order 12866. It participates in the Internet dissemination of the Unified Agenda to further the public interest by including the FCA in a single source of information concerning current and projected rulemaking and reviews of existing regulations, pursuant to section 4 of Executive Order 12866.

DATED: August 29, 2013.

Mary Alice Donner,

Acting Secretary, Farm Credit Administration Board.