Agency Rule List - Fall 2022

Federal Housing Finance Agency

Agency Agenda Stage of Rulemaking Title RIN
FHFA Proposed Rule Stage Quality Control Standards for Automated Valuation Models 2590-AA62
FHFA Proposed Rule Stage Prudential Management and Operations Standards 2590-AB10
FHFA Proposed Rule Stage Suspended Counterparty Program 2590-AB23
FHFA Proposed Rule Stage Federal Home Loan Bank Directors 2590-AB24
FHFA Proposed Rule Stage Service of Process on the Federal Housing Finance Agency 2590-AB25
FHFA Proposed Rule Stage Enterprise Capital Regulatory Framework Amendments 2590-AB27
FHFA Final Rule Stage Prior Approval of Enterprise Products 2590-AA17
FHFA Final Rule Stage OMB Control Numbers Assigned Under the Paperwork Reduction Act 2590-AB11
FHFA Final Rule Stage 2023-2024 Multifamily Enterprise Housing Goals 2590-AB21
FHFA Final Rule Stage Enterprise Duty To Serve Underserved Markets Amendments 2590-AB22
FHFA Final Rule Stage Rules of Practice and Procedure; Civil Money Penalty Inflation Adjustment 2590-AB26