Agency Rule List - Spring 2020

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Agency Agenda Stage of Rulemaking Title RIN
CPSC Prerule Stage Petition Requesting a Ban or Standard on Adult Portable Bed Rails 3041-AD30
CPSC Prerule Stage Petition for Rulemaking for Various Products Containing Organohalogen Flame Retardants 3041-AD49
CPSC Prerule Stage Petition for Magnet Sets 3041-AD67
CPSC Proposed Rule Stage Possible Revocation or Amendment of Standard for the Flammability of Mattresses and Mattress Pads (Cigarette Ignition) 3041-AC27
CPSC Proposed Rule Stage Petition on Crib Bumpers 3041-AD23
CPSC Proposed Rule Stage Petition for Rulemaking to Eliminate Accessible Cords on Window Covering Products 3041-AD31
CPSC Proposed Rule Stage Petition Requesting Ban for Supplemental Mattresses for Play Yards With Non-Rigid Sides 3041-AD52
CPSC Proposed Rule Stage Rules of Practice for Adjudicative Proceedings 3041-AD57
CPSC Proposed Rule Stage Furniture Tipovers: Clothing Storage Units 3041-AD65
CPSC Proposed Rule Stage Fees for Production of Records; Technical Amendments 3041-AD74
CPSC Final Rule Stage Regulatory Options for Table Saws 3041-AC31
CPSC Final Rule Stage Recreational Off-Road Vehicles 3041-AC78
CPSC Final Rule Stage Standard for Gates and Other Enclosures 3041-AD44
CPSC Final Rule Stage Standard for Infant Sleep Products 3041-AD45
CPSC Final Rule Stage Determinations Regarding Third Party Testing of Manufactured Fibers 3041-AD73
CPSC Final Rule Stage Update to CPSC Rules for Testing and Labeling Pertaining to Product Certification and Requirements Pertaining to Third Party Conformity Assessment Bodies 3041-AD78