Agency Rule List - Fall 2011

Department of Labor

Agency Agenda Stage of Rulemaking Title RIN
DOL/ETA Proposed Rule Stage Equal Employment Opportunity in Apprenticeship Amendment of Regulations 1205-AB59
DOL/ETA Proposed Rule Stage Rounding Rule for Total Unemployment Rate Extended Benefits Trigger 1205-AB62
DOL/ETA Final Rule Stage YouthBuild Program Regulation 1205-AB49
DOL/ETA Final Rule Stage Labor Certification Process and Enforcement for Temporary Employment in Occupations Other Than Agriculture or Registered Nursing in the United States (H-2B Workers) 1205-AB58
DOL/ETA Final Rule Stage Senior Community Service Employment Program; Additional Indicator on Volunteer Work 1205-AB60
DOL/ETA Final Rule Stage Wage Methodology for the Temporary Nonagricultural Employment H-2B Program 1205-AB61
DOL/EBSA Proposed Rule Stage Pension Benefit Statements 1210-AB20
DOL/EBSA Proposed Rule Stage Definition of "Fiduciary" 1210-AB32
DOL/EBSA Proposed Rule Stage Amendment to Claims Procedure Regulation 1210-AB39
DOL/EBSA Proposed Rule Stage Amendment of Abandoned Plan Program 1210-AB47
DOL/EBSA Proposed Rule Stage Ex Parte Cease and Desist and Summary Seizure Orders Under ERISA Section 521 1210-AB48
DOL/EBSA Proposed Rule Stage Filings Required of Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements and Certain Other Entities That Offer or Provide Coverage for Medical Care to the Employees of Two or More Employers 1210-AB51
DOL/EBSA Proposed Rule Stage Guide or Similar Requirement for Section 408(b)(2) Disclosures 1210-AB53
DOL/EBSA Final Rule Stage Improved Fee Disclosure for Pension Plans 1210-AB08
DOL/EBSA Final Rule Stage Annual Funding Notice 1210-AB18
DOL/EBSA Final Rule Stage Target Date Disclosure 1210-AB38
DOL/OSHA Prerule Stage Bloodborne Pathogens 1218-AC34
DOL/OSHA Prerule Stage Infectious Diseases 1218-AC46
DOL/OSHA Prerule Stage Injury and Illness Prevention Program 1218-AC48
DOL/OSHA Prerule Stage Reinforced Concrete in Construction and Preventing Backover Injuries and Fatalities 1218-AC51
DOL/OSHA Prerule Stage Standards Improvement Project IV 1218-AC67
DOL/OSHA Prerule Stage Vertical Tandem Lifts 1218-AC72
DOL/OSHA Prerule Stage Review/Lookback of OSHA Chemical Standards 1218-AC74
DOL/OSHA Proposed Rule Stage Occupational Exposure to Crystalline Silica 1218-AB70
DOL/OSHA Proposed Rule Stage Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses 1218-AC49
DOL/OSHA Proposed Rule Stage Occupational Injury and Illness Recording and Reporting Requirements--NAICS Update and Reporting Revisions 1218-AC50
DOL/OSHA Proposed Rule Stage Updating OSHA Standards Based on National Consensus Standards--Acetylene 1218-AC64
DOL/OSHA Proposed Rule Stage Updating OSHA Standards Based on National Consensus Standards--Personal Protection Equipment (Head Protection) 1218-AC65
DOL/OSHA Final Rule Stage Confined Spaces in Construction 1218-AB47
DOL/OSHA Final Rule Stage Electric Power Transmission and Distribution; Electrical Protective Equipment 1218-AB67
DOL/OSHA Final Rule Stage Walking Working Surfaces and Personal Fall Protection Systems (Slips, Trips, and Fall Prevention) 1218-AB80
DOL/OSHA Final Rule Stage Hazard Communication 1218-AC20
DOL/OSHA Final Rule Stage Cooperative Agreements 1218-AC32
DOL/OSHA Final Rule Stage Procedures for Handling Employee Retaliation Complaints Under the National Transit Systems Security Act; Surface Transportation Assistance Act; and Federal Railroad Safety Act 1218-AC36
DOL/OSHA Final Rule Stage Procedures for the Handling of Retaliation Complaints Under the Employee Protection Provisions of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of 2008 1218-AC47
DOL/OSHA Final Rule Stage Procedures for the Handling of Retaliation Complaints Under Section 806 of the Corporate and Criminal Fraud Accountability Act of 2002, as Amended 1218-AC53
DOL/OSHA Final Rule Stage Procedures for the Handling of Retaliation Complaints Under The Affordable Care Act; The Consumer Financial Protection Act; The Seaman's Protection Act; and the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act 1218-AC58
DOL/OSHA Final Rule Stage Revising the Underground Construction and Demolition Standards To Make the Cranes and Derricks in Construction Rule Applicable to Those Activities 1218-AC61
DOL/OSHA Final Rule Stage Cranes and Derricks in Construction: Revision to Digger Derricks' Requirements 1218-AC75
DOL/MSHA Proposed Rule Stage Respirable Crystalline Silica 1219-AB36
DOL/MSHA Proposed Rule Stage Notification of Legal Identity 1219-AB67
DOL/MSHA Proposed Rule Stage Criteria and Procedures for Proposed Assessment of Civil Penalties 1219-AB72
DOL/MSHA Proposed Rule Stage Proximity Detection Systems for Mobile Machines in Underground Mines 1219-AB78
DOL/MSHA Final Rule Stage Lowering Miners' Exposure to Coal Mine Dust, Including Continuous Personal Dust Monitors 1219-AB64
DOL/MSHA Final Rule Stage Proximity Detection Systems for Continuous Mining Machines in Underground Coal Mines 1219-AB65
DOL/MSHA Final Rule Stage Pattern of Violations 1219-AB73
DOL/MSHA Final Rule Stage Examination of Work Areas in Underground Coal Mines for Violations of Mandatory Health or Safety Standards 1219-AB75
DOL/WHD Prerule Stage Fair Labor Standards Act, Child Labor Hazardous Occupations Order, No. 7 1235-AA07
DOL/WHD Proposed Rule Stage Amendments to the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 1235-AA03
DOL/WHD Proposed Rule Stage Application of the Fair Labor Standards Act to Domestic Service 1235-AA05
DOL/WHD Proposed Rule Stage Child Labor Regulations, Orders, and Statements of Interpretations 1235-AA06
DOL/OWCP Proposed Rule Stage Regulations Implementing Amendments to the Black Lung Benefits Act: Determining Coal Miners and Survivors Entitlement to Benefits 1240-AA04
DOL/OLMS Final Rule Stage Persuader Agreements: Employer and Labor Relations Consultant Reporting Under the LMRDA 1245-AA03
DOL/OFCCP Prerule Stage Nondiscrimination in Compensation: Compensation Data Collection Tool 1250-AA03
DOL/OFCCP Proposed Rule Stage Construction Contractors' Affirmative Action Requirements 1250-AA01
DOL/OFCCP Proposed Rule Stage Affirmative Action and Nondiscrimination Obligations of Contractors and Subcontractors Regarding Individuals With Disabilities 1250-AA02
DOL/OFCCP Proposed Rule Stage Sex Discrimination Guidelines 1250-AA05
DOL/OFCCP Final Rule Stage Affirmative Action and Nondiscrimination Obligations of Contractors and Subcontractors Regarding Protected Veterans 1250-AA00
DOL/OS Proposed Rule Stage Update to Regulations Governing Administrative Claims Under the Federal Tort Claims Act and Related Statutes 1290-AA25
DOL/OS Proposed Rule Stage Rules of Practice and Procedure for Administrative Hearings Before the Office of Administrative Law Judges 1290-AA26
DOL/ASVET Final Rule Stage Establishment of a Uniform National Threshold Entered Employment Rate for Veterans 1293-AA18