Agency Rule List - Spring 2019

Department of Transportation

Agency Agenda Stage of Rulemaking Title RIN
DOT/OST Long-Term Actions Protection of Sensitive Security Information 2105-AD59
DOT/OST Long-Term Actions Carrier-Supplied Medical Oxygen, Service Request Reporting, and Seating Accommodations With Extra Legroom 2105-AE12
DOT/OST Long-Term Actions Transportation Services for Individuals With Disabilities: Over-the-Road Buses 2105-AE29
DOT/OST Long-Term Actions Use of Mobile Wireless Devices for Voice Calls on Aircraft 2105-AE30
DOT/OST Long-Term Actions Accessible In-Flight Entertainment 2105-AE32
DOT/OST Long-Term Actions Discrimination on the Basis of Age in Programs Receiving Federal Financial Assistance 2105-AE44
DOT/OST Long-Term Actions Air Transportation Consumer Protection Requirements for Ticket Agents 2105-AE57
DOT/OST Long-Term Actions Improving Accuracy of Flight Cancellation Reporting 2105-AE68
DOT/OST Long-Term Actions Modify Carrier Responses to Consumer Problems (General and Disability) 2105-AE73
DOT/OST Long-Term Actions Streamlined Customer Service Commitments 2105-AE74
DOT/OST Long-Term Actions Implementing Certain Provisions of the Transparency Improvements and Compensation to Keep Every Ticket-Holder Safe Act of 2018 2105-AE81
DOT/OST Long-Term Actions Final Rule: One-Page Document on Passenger Rights 2105-AE82
DOT/FAA Long-Term Actions Regulation Of Flight Operations Conducted By Alaska Guide Pilots 2120-AJ78
DOT/FAA Long-Term Actions Applying the Flight, Duty, and Rest Requirements to Ferry Flights That Follow Domestic, Flag, or Supplemental All-Cargo Operations (Reauthorization) 2120-AK22
DOT/FAA Long-Term Actions Applying the Flight, Duty, and Rest Rules of 14 CFR Part 135 to Tail-End Ferry Operations (FAA Reauthorization 2120-AK26
DOT/FAA Long-Term Actions Pilot Biometric Certificates (FAA Reauthorization) 2120-AK33
DOT/FAA Long-Term Actions Aircraft Registration and Airmen Certification Fees 2120-AK37
DOT/FAA Long-Term Actions Permanent Requirement for Helicopters to use the New York North Shore Helicopter Route 2120-AK39
DOT/FAA Long-Term Actions Helicopter Air Ambulance Pilot Training and Operational Requirements (HAA II) (FAA Reauthorization) 2120-AK57
DOT/FAA Long-Term Actions Registration and Marking Requirements for Small Unmanned Aircraft 2120-AK82
DOT/FAA Long-Term Actions Unmanned Aircraft Systems Expanded Operations 2120-AL01
DOT/FAA Long-Term Actions U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act Incorporation 2120-AL19
DOT/FAA Long-Term Actions Aircraft Registration 2120-AL45
DOT/FMCSA Long-Term Actions Application by Certain Mexico-Domiciled Motor Carriers to Operate Beyond U.S. Municipalities and Commercial Zones on the U.S.-Mexico Border 2126-AA34
DOT/FMCSA Long-Term Actions Safety Monitoring System and Compliance Initiative for Mexico-Domiciled Motor Carriers Operating in the United States 2126-AA35
DOT/FMCSA Long-Term Actions Consumer Complaint Information 2126-AB01
DOT/FMCSA Long-Term Actions New Entrant Safety Assurance Process: Implementation of Section 210(b) of the Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act of 1999 2126-AB17
DOT/FMCSA Long-Term Actions MAP-21 Enhancements and Other Updates to the Unified Registration System 2126-AB56
DOT/FMCSA Long-Term Actions Definition of Tank Vehicle Used for Determining the Commercial Driver's License Endorsement Requirement 2126-AB61
DOT/FMCSA Long-Term Actions Heavy Vehicle Speed Limiters 2126-AB63
DOT/FMCSA Long-Term Actions Amendment to Agency Rules of Practice 2126-AB82
DOT/FMCSA Long-Term Actions Extension of Compliance Dates for Medical Examiner's Certification Integration. 2126-AC18
DOT/NHTSA Long-Term Actions Amending FMVSS No. 119, New Pneumatic Tires for Heavy Vehicles 2127-AK17
DOT/NHTSA Long-Term Actions Alternative Fuel Vehicle Badging and Fuel Compartment Labels on Alternative Fuel Usage 2127-AK75
DOT/NHTSA Long-Term Actions FMVSS 114, Theft Protection and Rollaway Prevention, Keyless Ignition Systems 2127-AK88
DOT/NHTSA Long-Term Actions Heavy Vehicle Speed Limiters 2127-AK92
DOT/NHTSA Long-Term Actions Pedestrian Safety Global Technical Regulation 2127-AK98
DOT/NHTSA Long-Term Actions Consumer Information on Fuel Economy, Emissions, and Alternative Fuel Usage 2127-AL12
DOT/NHTSA Long-Term Actions Upgrade of LATCH Usability Requirements (MAP-21) 2127-AL20
DOT/NHTSA Long-Term Actions Part 575 Vehicle Defect Reporting Requirements 2127-AL33
DOT/NHTSA Long-Term Actions Advanced Glazing and Anti-Ejection Countermeasures 2127-AL36
DOT/NHTSA Long-Term Actions Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 150--Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Communication 2127-AL55
DOT/NHTSA Long-Term Actions Upgrade of Rear Impact Guard Requirements for Trailers and Semitrailers 2127-AL58
DOT/NHTSA Long-Term Actions Requirements for Importing Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Equipment 2127-AL61
DOT/NHTSA Long-Term Actions 49 CFR Part 512 Confidential Business Information 2127-AL62
DOT/NHTSA Long-Term Actions 49 CFR Part 577 Defect and Noncompliance Notification 2127-AL66
DOT/NHTSA Long-Term Actions 49 CFR Part 573, Defect and Noncompliance Responsibility and Reports 2127-AL80
DOT/FRA Long-Term Actions Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus 2130-AC14
DOT/FRA Long-Term Actions High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail (HSIPR) Program; Buy America Program Requirements 2130-AC23
DOT/FRA Long-Term Actions Train Crew Staffing and Location 2130-AC48
DOT/PHMSA Long-Term Actions Hazardous Materials: FAST Act Requirements for Real-Time Train Consist Information by Rail 2137-AF21
DOT/PHMSA Long-Term Actions Hazardous Materials: Vapor Pressure of Unrefined Petroleum Products and Class 3 Materials 2137-AF24
DOT/PHMSA Long-Term Actions Hazardous Materials: PIPES Act Requirements for Identification Numbers on Cargo Tanks Containing Petroleum Based Fuel 2137-AF25
DOT/PHMSA Long-Term Actions Pipeline Safety: Safety of Gas Gathering Pipelines 2137-AF38
DOT/PHMSA Long-Term Actions Pipeline Safety: Repair Criteria for Hazardous Liquid Pipelines 2137-AF44
DOT/PHMSA Long-Term Actions Hazardous Materials: Harmonization With International Standards 2137-AF46