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  Removal of Safe Harbor Protection for Rebates to Plans or PBMs Involving Prescription Pharmaceuticals and Creation of New Safe Harbor Protection


  Final Rule Stage

  07/08/2019 03:00 PM

  Capitol Counsel   Aaron Cohen   National Community Pharmacists Association

List of Documents
OMB Presentation on Rebate Safe Harbor Final Rule [final]
Minimum Requirements [final]
2018 Digest
NCPA Comments on Proposed Rebate Rule [final]
List of Attendees Participation
•   Christina Swoope  - OMB/Medicare In Person 
•   Andrew York  - HHS/IOS Teleconference 
•   Aaron Fischbach  - HHS/IOS Teleconference 
•   Megan Tinker  - HHS?OIG Teleconference 
•   Quinn Hirsch  - OMB/OIRA In Person 
•   Elizabeth Ashley  - OMB/OIRA In Person 
•   Vicki Robinson  - HHS/OIG Teleconference 
•   Elizabeth Isbey  - HHS/OIG Teleconference 
•   Brenda Aguilar  - OMB/OIRA In Person 
•   Ms. Karry LaViolette  - NCPA In Person 
•   Ms. Kala Shankle  - NCPA In Person 
•   Mr. Aaron Cohen  - Capitol Counsel In Person