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  NESHAP: Coal- and Oil-Fired Electric Utility Steam Generating Units--Reconsideration of Supplemental Cost Finding and Residual Risk and Technology Review


  Final Rule Stage

  10/29/2019 03:00 PM

  American Lung Association   Janice Nolen

List of Documents
Heatlh and Medical group comments on MATS 4-17-2019
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sunderland 2016.acs.est.6b00239
Grandjean & Bellanger Env Health 2017
List of Attendees Participation
•   Zoe Palenik  - OMB In Person 
•   Danielle Jones  - OMB In Person 
•   Scott Burgess  - OMB In Person 
•   Bruce Schillo  - EPA In Person 
•   Nick Hutson  - EPA In Person 
•   Gary Ewart  - American Thoraic Society In Person 
•   Mary Johnson  - EPA In Person 
•   Pat Dolic  - EPA In Person 
•   Zach Laris  - American Academy of Pediatrics In Person 
•   Eli Briggs  - National Association of County and City Health Officials In Person 
•   Paul G. Billings  - American Lung Association In Person 
•   Mona Sarfaty, MD  - Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health In Person 
•   Don Hoppert  - American Public Health Association In Person 
•   Cara Cook  - Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments In Person 
•   Janice E. Nolen  - American Lung Association In Person