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  Rescinding the Rule on Increasing Consistency and Transparency in Considering Benefits and Costs in the Clean Air Act Rulemaking Process


  Final Rule Stage

  05/03/2021 11:30 AM

  American Petroleum Institute   Will Hupman

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List of Attendees Participation
•   April Kluever  - OMB Teleconference 
•   Mel Peffers  - EPA Teleconference 
•   Hannah Umansky- Castro  - OMB Teleconference 
•   Vlad Dorjets   - OMB Teleconference 
•   Mr. Howard Feldman  - American Petroleum Institute Teleconference 
•   Ms. Rachel Jones  - National Association of Manufacturers Teleconference 
•   Mr. Chad Whiteman  - U.S. Chamber of Commerce Teleconference 
•   Mrs. Karen Schmidt  - American Chemistry Council Teleconference 
•   Daedre King   - EPA Teleconference 
•   Carmine Legget  - OMB Teleconference 
•   Will Hupman  - American Petroleum Institute Teleconference