17 CFR Ch. II

Release Nos. 33-10333, 34-80357, IA-4677, IC-32588, File No. S7-04-17

Regulatory Flexibility Agenda

AGENCY: Securities and Exchange Commission.

ACTION: Semiannual regulatory agenda.

SUMMARY: The Securities and Exchange Commission is publishing the Chairman's agenda of rulemaking actions pursuant to the Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA) (Pub. L. No. 96-354, 94 Stat. 1164) (Sep. 19, 1980). The items listed in the Regulatory Flexibility Agenda for spring 2017 reflect only the priorities of the Acting Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and do not necessarily reflect the view and priorities of any individual Commissioner.

Information in the agenda was accurate on March 29, 2017, the date on which the Commission's staff completed compilation of the data. To the extent possible, rulemaking actions by the Commission since that date have been reflected in the agenda. The Commission invites questions and public comment on the agenda and on the individual agenda entries.

The Commission is now printing in the Federal Register, along with our preamble, only those agenda entries for which we have indicated that preparation of an RFA analysis is required.

The Commission's complete RFA agenda will be available online at

DATES: Comments should be received on or before [30 days after publication in the Federal Register].

ADDRESSES: Comments may be submitted by any of the following methods:

Electronic comments:

Paper comments:

All submissions should refer to File No. S7-04-17. This file number should be included on the subject line if e-mail is used. To help us process and review your comments more efficiently, please use only one method. The Commission will post all comments on the Commission's Internet website ( Comments are also available for website viewing and printing in the Commission's Public Reference Room, 100 F Street NE., Washington, DC 20549, on official business days between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. All comments received will be posted without change; we do not edit personal identifying information from submissions. You should submit only information that you wish to make available publicly.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Mykaila DeLesDernier, Office of the General Counsel, 202-551-5129.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The RFA requires each Federal agency, twice each year, to publish in the Federal Register an agenda identifying rules that the Agency expects to consider in the next 12 months that are likely to have a significant economic impact on a substantial number of small entities (5 U.S.C. 602(a)). The RFA specifically provides that publication of the agenda does not preclude an agency from considering or acting on any matter not included in the agenda and that an gency is not required to consider or act on any matter that is included in the agenda (5 U.S.C. 602(d)). The Commission may consider or act on any matter earlier or later than the estimated date provided on the agenda. While the agenda reflects the current intent to complete a number of rulemakings in the next year, the precise dates for each rulemaking at this point are uncertain. Actions that do not have an estimated date are placed in the long-term category; the Commission may nevertheless act on items in that category within the next 12 months. The agenda includes new entries, entries carried over from prior publications, and rulemaking actions that have been completed (or withdrawn) since publication of the last agenda.

The following abbreviations for the acts administered by the Commission are used in the agenda:

"Securities Act"-- Securities Act of 1933

"Exchange Act"-- Securities Exchange Act of 1934

"Investment Company Act"-- Investment Company Act of 1940

"Investment Advisers Act"-- Investment Advisers Act of 1940

"Dodd Frank Act" -- Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

"JOBS Act" -- Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act

The Commission invites public comment on the agenda and on the individual agenda entries.

By the Commission.

Dated: March 31, 2017.

NAME: Brent J. Fields,