Information Collection List

IC Title Status Responses Hours Dollars Document Type Form No. Form Name
National Compensation Survey (Private Industry Sample) Modified 46067 38029 0 Form NCS - 15 - 1P Establishment Collection Form for Private Industry
Form NCS 15-2P Earnings Form (Private Industry)
Form NCS SO Benefits Form
Form NCS 15 9P Wage Shuttle - Private Industry
Form E-update NCS E-update screens
Form and Instruction IDCF NCS IDCF NonComp Data Screens
Form NCS 15-3P Benefits Collection Form - Private Industry
National Compensation Survey (State and local government sample) Modified 7764 6949 0 Form NCS 15-1G Establishment Collection Form for Government
Form NCS 15-2G Earnings Form (Government)
Form NCS 15 9G Wage Shuttle - Government
Form E- update E-update screens
Form IDCF IDCF Screens
Form NCS 15-3G NCS Benefits Form Government
Total burden requested under this ICR: 53831 44978 0  
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