Information Collection List

IC Title Status Responses Hours Dollars Document Type Form No. Form Name
Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefit Plan Modified 835497 343000 143059000 Instruction
Form 5500 Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefit Plan
Form 5500 SF Short Form Annual Return/Report of Small Employee Benefit Plan
Form Sch A (Form 5500) Insurance Information
Form Sch C (Form 5500) Service Provider Information
Form Sch D (Form 5500) DFE/Participating Plan Information
Form Sch G (Form 5500) Financial Transaction Schedules
Form Sch H (Form 5500) Financial Information
Form Sch I (Form 5500) Financial Information Small Plan
Form Sch MB (Form 5500) Multiemployer Defined Benefit Plan and Certain Money Purchase Plan Actuarial Information
Form Sch R (Form 5500) Retirement Plan Information
Form Sch SB (Form 5500) Single-Employer Defined Benefit Plan Actuarial Information
Form 5500-EZ Paper Submissions Modified 102000 596700 0 Instruction
Form 5500-EZ Annual Return of A One-Participant (Owners/Partners and Their Spouses) Retirement Plan or A Foreign Plan
Total burden requested under this ICR: 937497 939700 143059000  
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