Information Collection List

IC Title Status Responses Hours Dollars Document Type Form No. Form Name
The American Community Survey Unchanged 3805200 2455868 0 Form ACS-1(2020) American Community Survey-1
Form ACS-1(GQ)(2020) American Community Survey-1(GQ) (English and Spanish)
Form ACS-1(GQ)(PR)(2020) Puerto Rico Community Survey-1(GQ) (English and Spanish)
Form ACS-1(2020)(SP) American Community Survey-1(Spanish)
Form ACS-1(2020)PR(SP) Puerto Rico Community Survey-1(Spanish)
Other-Collection Materials Attachments A-I
Form ACS-1(2020)PR Puerto Rico Community Survey-1 (English)
Other-Collection Materials Attachments J-T
Total burden requested under this ICR: 3805200 2455868 0  
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