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Supporting_Statement_OMB_3060-0568_(final2)_2008[1].doc 04/28/2008

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Order Extending Filing Date for 2008 Annual Leased Access Report Extension Order for Leased Access.pdf Supplementary Document 05/01/2008
Explanation for the Extension Filing Date for 2008 Annual Leased Access Report Explanation Document for the Extension Filing Date for 2008 Annual Leased Access Report.doc Supplementary Document 05/01/2008

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OMB meeting.pdf
NCTA Other -- Paper Simple 05/09/2008 05/09/2008
Davidson, Seth
PRA Comments.pdf
Counsel for Time Warner Cable Time Warner Email Simple 05/28/2008 05/28/2008
Burstein, Diane
052808 OMB 3060-0568.doc
National Cable & Telecommunications Assocation National Cable & Telecommunications Assocation Email Simple 05/28/2008 05/28/2008
Brenner, Daniel
Comments for Leased Access from NCTA, OMB control number 3060-0568.pdf
National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) Email Simple 04/14/2008 04/14/2008
Nathan, Thomas
Comcast PRA Comments _001.pdf
Comcast Comcast Email Simple 05/28/2008 05/28/2008
Nathan, Thomas
Comments for Leased Access from Comcast, OMB control number 3060-0568.pdf
Deputy General Counsel, Senior Vice President, Law & Regulatory Affairs for Comcast Comcast Email Simple 04/14/2008 04/14/2008
Polka, Matthew
ACA OMB leased access comments 052808 final.pdf
American Cable Association American Cable Association Email Simple 05/28/2008 05/28/2008