ICR Documents

Document Date Uploaded
0651-00xx BPAI modified PRA Justification 12-3-2009.pdf 12/04/2009

Document Date Uploaded

Title Document Document Type Date Uploaded
BPAI Standard Operating Procedure 2 (Revision 7) "Publication of Opinions and Binding Precedent" sop2.pdf Supplementary Document 10/09/2008
USPTO Information Quality Guidelines USPTO-infoqualityguide.pdf Supplementary Document 10/09/2008

Author Name Comment Document Author Affiliation Sponsoring Org. Type Category Date of Comment Date Comment Received
Achiriloaie, Mircea archiriloaie_for_ceres_inc.pdf Ceres, Inc Email Simple 08/08/2008 08/08/2008
Bradley, Jennifer badley_for_intellectual_ventures.pdf Intellectual Ventures Legal Services Email Simple 08/08/2008 08/08/2008
Boundy, David boundy.pdf Email Simple 08/21/2008 08/21/2008
Boundy, David boundy_revised.pdf Email Simple 08/17/2008 08/18/2008
Rusyn, Paul chow_on_behalf_of_paul_rusyn.pdf Graybeal Jackson Haley LLP Email Simple 08/06/2008 08/06/2008
Swantz, Chad dunne_for_chad_swantz_of_suiter_suantz.pdf Suiter Swantz PC LLO Email Simple 08/08/2008 08/08/2008
Foster, Glenn foster_for_intellectual_ventures.pdf Intellectual Ventures Legal Services Email Simple 08/08/2008 08/08/2008
Hayden, Robert hayden_of_peter_verny.pdf Peters Verny, LLP Email Simple 07/28/2008 07/28/2008
Heimlich, Alan heimlich.pdf Email Simple 07/20/2008 07/20/2008
Hinnen, Dean hinnen_individual.pdf Email Simple 07/27/2008 07/27/2008
Katznelson, Ron katznelson.pdf Email Simple 08/08/2008 08/09/2008
Moore, Steven moore_lelley_drye_and_warren.pdf Kelley Drye & Warren LLP Email Simple 08/10/2008 08/10/2008
Schar, Brian schar_cardica_inc.pdf Cardica, Inc Email Simple 08/01/2008 08/01/2008
Belzer, Richard 081014 0651-00xx comment to OMB.pdf Email Simple 10/14/2008 10/14/2008
Mazzarese, Joseph Letter to OMB 11-07-2008_1.pdf Wyeth Letter Simple 11/07/2008 11/07/2008
Perrone, Jr., Mathew pto rules.pdf Law Office of MATHEW R. P. PERRONE, Jr. Email Simple 11/06/2008 11/06/2008
Cook, Dale BPAIComments2OMB.pdf Intellectual Ventures, LLC Letter Simple 11/06/2008 11/06/2008
Hoover, Allen Ltr to Nicholas A Fraser dated 10_30_08.pdf Banner & Witcoff, Ltd. Letter Simple 10/30/2008 10/30/2008
Achiriloaie, Mircea Ceres OMB Comments.pdf Ceres, Inc. Letter Simple 10/17/2008 10/17/2008
Belzer, Richard 081117c ICR 0651-00xx letter on ICs and burden estimates (w Enclosure 1).pdf Letter Simple 11/17/2008 11/17/2008
Katznelson, Ron Katznelson-Appeal-ICR-Comments -Nov-17.pdf Email Simple 11/17/2008 11/17/2008
Roberts, Richard BOPAI Letter.pdf Roberts & Roberts, L.L.P. Letter Simple 11/14/2008 11/14/2008
Trzyna, Peter PTOPublicCommentResponseFinal.pdf Email Simple 11/10/2008 11/10/2008
Boundy, David Boundy letters.pdf Letter Multiple 11/13/2008 11/13/2008
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