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Form I-140 Supporting Statement 10-2-09.doc 10/02/2009

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Title Document Document Type Date Uploaded
60-Day Notice 60-Day Published 5-5-09.doc Supplementary Document 10/02/2009
30-Day Notice Published 30-Day Notice 9-28-09.doc Supplementary Document 10/02/2009
Regerence Citations Reference Citations.doc Supplementary Document 10/02/2009
Table of Changes TOC I-140 Form Inst cleared 092409.doc Supplementary Document 10/02/2009

Author Name Comment Document Author Affiliation Sponsoring Org. Type Category Date of Comment Date Comment Received
2007-0018american immigration lawyers association (ii).pdf
American Immigration Lawyer Association American Immigration Lawyer Association Email Simple 07/06/2009 07/06/2009
Kearmy, Johanna
Comment 2 Control Number 1615-0015.htm
Attorney at Law Attorney at Law Email Simple 05/07/2009 05/07/2009
Gotcher, Ron
Comment 1 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker.htm; OMB Control Number 1615-0015.htm
Gotcher and Gotcher LLP Gotcher and Gotcher LLP Email Simple 05/05/2009 05/05/2009