ICR Documents

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CyberFETCH Supporting Statement Part A Rev 20110617.doc 06/17/2011

Document Date Uploaded

Title Document Document Type Date Uploaded
CyberFETCH Registration Form CyberFETCH Registration Form.doc Supplementary Document 05/19/2011
Law Authorizing the Collection Law Authorizing the collection.pdf Supplementary Document 05/19/2011
Privacy Impact Analysis (PIA) for the DHS Web Portals privacy_pia_dhs_portals.pdf Supplementary Document 05/27/2011
Privacy Threshold Analysis (PTA) DHS Web Portals PTA, ST-CyberFETCH, 20110217, FINAL.pdf Supplementary Document 05/27/2011
System of Records Notice (SORN) DHS All/004 SORN All 004 20110527.docx Supplementary Document 05/27/2011
Updated Privacy Act Notice Updated FETCH Privacy Act Notice.docx Supplementary Document 09/08/2011
Updated Routine Uses DHSALL-004 SORN Routine Uses.docx Supplementary Document 09/08/2011
Updated Registration Screen FETCH PRA_Updated Registration.JPG Supplementary Document 09/09/2011

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