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ERS_REIS_Supporting_Statement_Part_A_Final.docx 07/01/2013

Document Date Uploaded
ERS REIS_Supporting_Statement_ PART_B_Final.docx 07/01/2013

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Attachment F - Cognitive Testing Report Attachment F Cognitive Interview Report.docx Supplementary Document 12/07/2012
Attachment G - NASS Review Comments and ERS Responses Attachment G ERS Response to NASS Comments.docx Supplementary Document 12/07/2012
Attachment I - 7 U.S.C. 2662(b) Attachment I 7 USC 2662(b) Programs Authorized Rural Development Research.pdf Supplementary Document 12/07/2012
Attachment H - 60-day FRN Attachment H 60 Day Federal Register Notice_02062013.pdf Supplementary Document 02/27/2013
Attachment D Advance Letter Attachment D Draft REIS Survey Letters Mail Only Group.docx Supplementary Document 04/16/2013
Attachment E - FAQ Attachment E Draft FAQ and Help Text for Interviewers.docx Supplementary Document 04/16/2013
Attachment P 30-day Federal Register Notice Attachment P 30-day FRN_04242013.pdf Supplementary Document 04/24/2013
Attachment Q - Crosswalk Table for Questionnaire Data Items and Research Questions Attachment Q-Crosswalk table for questionnaire data items and research questions.xlsx Supplementary Document 07/01/2013

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Robbins, Carol
Attachment M BEA Comments.docx
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) Email Simple 08/31/2011 08/31/2012
Reamer, Andrew
Attachment N GWU Comments.pdf
George Washington University Letter Simple 04/08/2013 04/08/2013
Public, Jean
Attachment O Comments from Jean Public.docx
Unknown Email Simple 02/06/2013 02/06/2013
Feldman, Maryann
Attachment L UNC Comment.docx
Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Letter Simple 08/31/2011 08/31/2011