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1820-0017 RSA-2 Supporting Statement.docx 02/25/2013

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Att_SE regulationsPart363 Att_SE regulationsPart363.pdf Supplementary Document 10/01/2012
Att_VR regulationsPart361 Att_VR regulationsPart361.pdf Supplementary Document 10/01/2012
Att_APPENDIX to Supporting Statement Att_APPENDIX to Supporting Statement.doc Supplementary Document 10/01/2012
1820-0017 RSA-2_Comment_Tracker 1820-0017 RSA-2_Comment_Tracker.doc Supplementary Document 02/25/2013
60D Fed. Reg. Notice FRN_60D_1820-0017.pdf Supplementary Document 03/06/2013
30D Fed. Reg. Notice FRN_30D_1820-0017.pdf Supplementary Document 03/06/2013

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Dennis, Scott
1820-0017 Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services RSA -2 response Final.docx
Maryland Division of Rehab Services Email Simple 08/30/2012 08/30/2012
Wobser, Amy
1820-0017 RSA2 Ohio.doc
Ohio Rehab Services Commission (ORSC) Email Simple 08/30/2012 08/30/2012
Sims, Juan
1820-0017 South Carolina Blind - Response to RSA-2 NPI Collection Request 8-30-2012.docx
SC Commission for the Blind Email Simple 08/30/2012 08/30/2012
Grubbs, Linda
1820-0017 KY RSA 2 Recommendations.doc
Kentucky Rehab Services Email Simple 08/30/2012 08/30/2012
Denham, A.S., Vanessa
1820-0017 RSAconcerns ltr.doc
Kentucky Client Assistance Program Email Simple 08/31/2012 08/31/2012
Parish-Taylor, Stephanie
1820-0017 Oregon RSA2.pdf
VR Services Oregon Email Simple 08/30/2012 08/30/2012
Taylor, Suzette
1820-0017 Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services RSA 2 Changes.docx
AL Dept of Rehab Services Email Simple 09/04/2012 09/04/2012
Freeman, Kym
1820-0017 Letter re RSA2 Revisions Aug2012.pdf
Wyoming Dept of Workforce Services Email Simple 08/31/2012 08/31/2012
Koon, Denise
1820-0017 South Carolina Response to RSA-2 NPI Collection Request 8-21-2012.docx
South Carolina Vocational Rehab Email Simple 08/28/2012 08/28/2012
Fraser, Karen
Maine BRS Comments Proposed Rule Changes_RSA-2 and 911.doc
Maine Dept of Labor Email Simple 08/29/2012 08/29/2012
Protz, Philip
1820-0017 NC DVRS Comments Pertaining to Proposed RSA-2 911 Changes.docx
NC Division of Vocational Rehab Services Email Simple 08/28/2012 08/28/2012
Boston, Kelly
1820-0017 KBoston.doc
Alliance Enterprises Email Simple 08/22/2012 08/22/2012
Longley, Rick
1820-0017 Missouri.doc
Missouri Vocational Rehab Email Simple 08/24/2012 08/24/2012