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Supporting Statement FRCoP Rev20131107.doc 06/20/2014

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PIA - DHS Web Portals PIA - DHS Wide Portals.pdf Supplementary Document 12/29/2009
SORN - DHS/ALL-002 SORN-DHS_ALL-002.pdf Supplementary Document 12/29/2009
SORN - DHS/ALL-004 SORN-DHS_ALL-004.pdf Supplementary Document 12/29/2009
Homeland Security Act of 2002 - Section 313 HLS Act 2002 - Sec 313.pdf Supplementary Document 04/20/2010
FrCop e(3) Privacy Act Notice FrCoP Privacy Act Notice_04092010.doc Supplementary Document 04/23/2010
FRCoP 60-day Notice2013 60-Day Notice 2013.pdf Supplementary Document 11/07/2013
FRCoP Registration Screen Capture FRCoP Registration Screen Capture.docx Supplementary Document 03/05/2012
FRCoP Privacy Threshold Analysis - 2010 Science-and-Technology-FR CoP-26557-PTA-07-05-2012-100.pdf Supplementary Document 07/06/2012
FRCoP 30-day Notice2013 30-Day Notice.pdf Supplementary Document 11/07/2013
Response to Terms of Clearance FRCoP OMB Action Terms of Clearance 03202013.docx Supplementary Document 11/13/2013

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