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REVISED Supporting Statement A_OASISC1.Clean Copy Version.10.02.13.doc 11/25/2013

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OASIS Burden Calculations OASIS Burden Calculations.09.30.13.docx Supplementary Document 11/25/2013
OASIS-C to Draft OASIS C-1 - Items, Timepoints and Uses Crosswalk Attachment A. OASIS C to C1 Items Timepoints and Uses.10-01-13.pdf Supplementary Document 11/25/2013
Crosswalk OASIS-C1 Revisions since 60 day PRA package filing. 10.01.2013.docx Supplementary Document 11/25/2013
OASIS-C1 Public Comments & Responses OASIS-C1 Public Comments & Responses. 09.27.13.docx Supplementary Document 11/25/2013

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