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ICR 1651-0111 Final Supporting Statment.docx 09/17/2014

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Supporting Laws and Regulations Supporting Laws.doc Supplementary Document 03/04/2008
Privacy Impact Assessment privacy_pia_cbp_esta.pdf Supplementary Document 03/17/2009
Supporting Laws 8 CFR 217 and 212 1(e).doc Supplementary Document 03/18/2010
Supporting Law 9-11 Act PL 110-53.doc Supplementary Document 03/18/2010
SORN for I-94 and I-94W Non-Immigrant SORN.pdf Supplementary Document 04/15/2010
Travel Promotion Act Travel Promotion Act.pdf Supplementary Document 07/13/2010
SORN for ESTA ESTA SORN.pdf Supplementary Document 01/05/2011
Screenshots for I-94 Website i94_website screenshot with PRA statement.gif Supplementary Document 03/04/2013
60 Day FRN FR 60 2013 revision.pdf Supplementary Document 04/28/2014
30 Day FRN FR 30 2014 revision ESTA.pdf Supplementary Document 04/28/2014
Crosswalk for new ESTA I94W Questions Crosswalk of Data Elements I94W Current and Revised.docx Supplementary Document 04/28/2014

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None given, None given
Public Comment 2014 AILA.PDF
None given American Immigration Lawyers Association Letter Simple 01/27/2014 02/21/2014