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Supporting Statement OMB 3060-0010 2013 (list of non-substantial changes to Form 323)(May 2013).doc 05/01/2013

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Non-substantive Change Request Justification for Changes to FCC Form 323 6 23 14 (3060-0010).docx Justification for No Material/Nonsubstantive Change 06/23/2014

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Cole, Harry
Comments of FHH OMB ICR 201207-3060-005 2012 08 15 (00427929).pdf
Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, P.L.C. Email Simple 08/15/2012 08/15/2012
Lagria, Jason
AAJC comments re Form 323.pdf
Asian American Justice Center Letter Simple 04/01/2013 04/01/2013