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Supporting Statement A_OMBcomments_011315.docx 01/15/2015

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Supporting Statement B.docx 09/24/2014

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Authorizing Legislation Attachment A - Authorizing Legislation.doc Supplementary Document 09/24/2014
Published 60 Day FRN Attachment B Published 60-day notice.pdf Supplementary Document 09/24/2014
IRB Determination Attachment F - NCIPC Determination - Hospital Preparedness.pdf Supplementary Document 09/24/2014
Letters to CEO and Preparedness Coord. Attachment C - Invitation letters.docx Supplementary Document 09/25/2014
Public Comment Attachment G - Public Comment.docx Supplementary Document 09/25/2014
Consent Attachment H - Consent Form.doc Supplementary Document 09/25/2014

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