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ss1235-0018 Final(20141006).doc 10/07/2014

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Federal Register Notice extending comment period comment ext 20140708.pdf Supplementary Document 10/07/2014

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Christman, Anastasia
NELP Comments on Establishing a Minimum Wage for Contractors RIN 1235-AA10 FINAL.pdf
National Employment Law Project Letter Simple 07/28/2014 07/28/2014
Pelaez, Jenny
NCLEJ Comments on Establishing Minimum Wage for Contractors RIN 1235-AA10.pdf
NCLEJ Letter Simple 07/28/2014 07/28/2014
Sargent, Winslow
Final Advocacy Min Wage Rule.pdf
Office of SBA Advocacy Letter Simple 07/25/2014 07/25/2014
Lulinski, Amie
george washington university comment.pdf
George Washington University Letter Simple 07/28/2014 07/28/2014
Weldon, Leslie
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service Letter Simple 07/28/2014 07/28/2014
Freedman, Marc
USCC and NFIB comments on EO raising MW for fed contractors.pdf
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Letter Simple 07/28/2014 07/28/2014
Wendt, George
OARS comment.pdf
OARS Letter Simple 07/28/2014 07/28/2014
Romano, Louis
Louis Romano comment (sample form Letter A).doc
Other -- regs.gov submission form letter sample Simple 02/08/2012 02/08/2012
Gupta, Sarita
Jobs with Justice comment.pdf
Executive Director Jobs with Justice Letter Simple 03/21/2012 03/21/2012
Rivera, Jose
Jose Rivera comment (sample of campaign form letter Q).docx
Other -- regs.gov submission sample Simple 02/26/2012 02/26/2012
Caldwell, Joe
National Council on Aging comment.pdf
Director of Long Term Services and Supports Policy National Council on Aging Letter Simple 03/21/2012 03/21/2012
Dresser, Laura
Center on Wisconsin Strategy comment.pdf
Associate Director Center on Wisconsin Strategy Letter Simple 03/12/2012 03/12/2012
Entmacher, Joan
VP Family Economic Security National Women's Law Center Letter Simple 02/09/2012 02/09/2012
Carter, Andy
VNAA comment.pdf
President and CEO Visiting Nurse Association of America Letter Simple 02/23/2012 02/23/2012
Koski, Andrew
Home Care Assn of NY Andrew Koski comment 7376.pdf
VP Program Policy & Services Home Care Assn of NY Letter Simple 03/09/2012 03/09/2012
Dombi, William
National Assn for Home Care & Hospice Dombi comment 9496.pdf
Vice President for Law National Assn for Home Care & Hospice Letter Simple 03/21/2012 03/21/2012
Eckerly, Susan
nfib comment.pdf
Senior VP NFIB National Federation of Independent Business Letter Simple 03/21/2012 03/21/2012
Duhl, Judith
visting nurse service of new york comment.pdf
VP Government Affairs Visiting Nurse Service of New York Letter Simple 03/21/2012 03/21/2012
Brown, David
FINAL America Outdoor Association Comments on DOL Minimum Wage for Contractors Proposed Rule (2).pdf
American Outdoors Letter Simple 07/25/2014 07/25/2014