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1615-0047_30-daySupporting Statement_USCISRresp_24MAR2016.doc 03/28/2016

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Reference Citations References.doc Supplementary Document 04/28/2009
E-Verify SORN 11AUG2014 E-Verify SORN 11AUG2014.pdf Supplementary Document 03/21/2016
Form I-9 60-day FRN FRM I-9 60day FRN_24NOV2015.pdf Supplementary Document 03/21/2016
PIA 21JUN2013 privacy-pia-uscis--I-9-06212013_0.pdf Supplementary Document 03/21/2016
TOC Form I-9 Table of Changes for Proposed Form I-9 Final - 30 day notice.docx Supplementary Document 03/21/2016
Supplement for Section 1 Preparer or Translator Certification for I-9 Supplement Sect 1 Preparer and or Translator Cert Proposed Form I-9 for 30-day Notice.pdf Supplementary Document 03/21/2016
Appendix to Supporting Statement for I-9 Supporting Statement Appendix for Proposed Form I-9_USCISrevisedOMBpsbk_18AUG2016.docx Supplementary Document 08/18/2016
TOC Instructions Form I-9 Table of Changes for Proposed Form I-9 Instructions Final - 30 day Notice.docx Supplementary Document 03/28/2016
Form I-9 30-day FRN USCIS-2006-0068-0379_FRM I9 Rev30dayFRN_28MAR2016.pdf Supplementary Document 03/28/2016

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E-Verify, USCIS
I-9 Revision 60-day FRN Public Comments.pdf
133 Compiled Public Comments COnsolidated into one doc by DHS request Other -- DOcket Management System Submission Multiple 11/24/2015 01/25/2016