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1670-0007 CSAT Supporting Statement A PRA final 07062016.doc 07/13/2016

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Title Document Document Type Date Uploaded
6 CFR Part 27 6 CFR Part 27.pdf Supplementary Document 04/20/2016
6 USC 621 6 USC 621.docx Supplementary Document 04/20/2016
PL 109-295 PL 109-295.pdf Supplementary Document 04/20/2016
PL 113-254 PL 113-254.pdf Supplementary Document 04/20/2016
30 Day FRN 30 Day FRN for CSAT DHS-2015-0058-0004.pdf Supplementary Document 04/20/2016
60 Day FRN 60 Day FRN for CSAT_18 Nov 2015.pdf Supplementary Document 04/20/2016
PIA Privacy-pia-nppd-cfats.pdf Supplementary Document 04/20/2016
SORN DHS ALL 004 SORN_DHS ALL-004 (77 Fed. Reg. 228 (11.27.12)) (2).pdf Supplementary Document 04/20/2016
SORN DHS ALL 002 SORN1 DHS-2008-0092-0001[1].pdf Supplementary Document 04/20/2016
Narrative of Revisions Narrative of Revisions for 1670-0007 fina 06152016.docx Supplementary Document 06/23/2016
ISCD Response_Cynthia_Hilton_IME_Letter ISCD Response_Cynthia_Hilton_IME_Letter.pdf Supplementary Document 07/06/2016
ISCD Response_Jeff_Gunnulfsen_AFPM_Letter ISCD Response_Jeff_Gunnulfsen_AFPM_Letter.pdf Supplementary Document 07/06/2016
ISCD Response_Robin_Rorick_API_Letter ISCD Response_Robin_Rorick_API_Letter.pdf Supplementary Document 07/06/2016
ISCD Response_Robyn_Brooks_CI_Letter ISCD Response_Robyn_Brooks_CI_Letter.pdf Supplementary Document 07/06/2016

Author Name Comment Document Author Affiliation Sponsoring Org. Type Category Date of Comment Date Comment Received
Hilton, Cynthia
Institute of Makers of Explosives (IME) Institute of Makers of Explosives (IME) Letter Simple 05/13/2016 05/13/2016
Brooks, Robyn
The Chlorine Institute (CI) The Chlorine Institute (CI) Other -- Regulations.gov Multiple 01/20/2016 01/20/2016
Gunnulfsen, Jeff
American Fuel_and Petrochemical Manufacturers Association NA Letter Simple 05/13/2016 05/13/2016
Rorick, Robin
The American Petroleum Institute NA Letter Simple 05/13/2016 05/13/2016
Brools, Robyn
The Chlorine Institute NA Letter Simple 05/12/2016 05/12/2016
Hancock, Alfred
Comment Submitted by Alfred Hancock_15 Jan 2016.docx
N/A N/A Other -- Regulation.gov Multiple 01/15/2016 01/15/2016