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3060-1158 OI PRA Supporting Statement edits 12-7 clean (Fixed Broadband Disclosures).docx 12/15/2016

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Coran, Stephen E.
Comments Regarding Paperwork Reduction Act (1).pdf
Lerman Senter PLLC Wireless Internet Service Providers Association ("WISPA") Email Simple 07/20/2015 07/20/2015
Romano, Michael
09 12 16 NTCA's PRA Comments on Open Internet Transparency OMB Contro No 3060-1158.pdf
NTCA Email Simple 09/12/2016 09/12/2016
Haymons, Matthew
20150720 ATT PRA Comments REDACTED PKG_As Filed.pdf
Vice President-Technology Solutions Management AT&T Email Simple 07/20/2015 07/20/2015
Phillips, Alex
WISPA PRA Comments - Docket 14-28 - OMB Control 3060-1158.pdf
WISPA Email Simple 09/12/2016 09/12/2016
Witanowski, Krista L.
150720 CTIA Open Internet PRA Comments OMB 3060-1158.pdf
Assistant Vice President, Regulatory Affairs CTIA - The Wireless Association Email Simple 07/20/2015 07/20/2015
Spalter, Jonathan
072015 - MF OI PRA Comments FINAL-c1.pdf
Chairman, Mobile Future Mobile Future Email Simple 07/20/2015 07/20/2015
Margie, Paul
RootMetrics Safe Harbor OMB comments.pdf
Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis RootMetrics Email Simple 09/12/2016 09/12/2016
Rupy, Kevin
Its Attorneys US Telecom Email Simple 09/12/2016 09/12/2016
Griffin Holland, Diane
USTelecom-Transparency-Comments-2015-07-20 final.pdf
Vice President, Law & Policy USTelecom Email Simple 07/21/2015 07/21/2015
Bergmann, Scott
160912 OI Transparency OMB Comments FINAL.pdf
CTIA Email Simple 09/12/2016 09/12/2016
Harris, Scott
2016 09 12 Nielsen PRA Comments (OMB Control No 3060-1158).pdf
Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis Nielsen Holdings PLC Email Simple 09/12/2016 09/12/2016
Cohen, Thomas
Kelley Drye & Warren American Cable Association Email Simple 09/12/2016 09/12/2016
Young, James
ATT OMB Submission - Public Version - OMB Control No 3060-1158.pdf
Sidley Austin ATT Email Simple 09/12/2016 09/12/2016
Berry, Steven
Competitive Carriers Association Email Simple 09/12/2016 09/12/2016
Cohen, Thomas
ACA PRA Comments.pdf
Kelley Drye & Warren LLP American Cable Association Other -- ECFS Simple 07/20/2015 07/20/2015