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FRM I290B SLRev 30daySuppState_Ver2_12SEP2016_DHSpskbk_UCISresp19SEP2016clean.docx 09/19/2016

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PIA PIA.pdf Supplementary Document 04/18/2012
SORN SORN.doc Supplementary Document 04/18/2012
Authorities Citations Reference Citation I-290B.doc Supplementary Document 09/19/2016
PIA USCIS ELIS 2 Account Management privacy_pia_uscis_elis_2_accountmgmt.pdf Supplementary Document 09/16/2013
USCIS ELIS 2 SORN ELIS 2 SORN.docx Supplementary Document 09/16/2013
Form I-290B Table of Changes I290B-FRM-TOC-30Day-08102016.docx Supplementary Document 09/12/2016
Instructions I-290B Table of Changes I290B-INS-TOC-30Day-08102016.docx Supplementary Document 09/12/2016
60-day FRN FRM I290B SLRev_60DayFRN_USCIS-2008-0027-0050_20MAY2016.pdf Supplementary Document 09/12/2016
30-day FRN FRM I290B SLRev_30DayFRN_23AUG2016.pdf Supplementary Document 09/12/2016
Form I-290B TOC Rev+Fee I290B-FRM-TOC-Rev+FR(062617-N)-11202016.docx Supplementary Document 12/15/2016
I-290B Instructions TOC Rev+Fee I290B-INS-Rev+FR(062617-N)-11202016.pdf Supplementary Document 12/15/2016

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Public, Jean
I290B_IC SL Rev 60day_Comment_Submitted_by_Jean_Public_20MAY2016.pdf
N/A N/A Email Simple 05/20/2016 05/20/2016