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Supporting_Statement_Part_A_11-13-2014 Final.docx 11/13/2014

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Supporting_Statement_Part_B_2014-2016.docx 11/13/2014

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Attachment A - Title 29, Sec 2 Attachment A--title29.doc Supplementary Document 09/16/2014
Attachment B - title 13 Attachment B--TITLE 13.docx Supplementary Document 09/16/2014
Attachment F - Updated NonResponse Bias Analysis Attachment F - Nonresponse Bias Analysis 2013.docx Supplementary Document 11/13/2014
Conversion Letter Letter A.pdf Supplementary Document 04/21/2017
CPI Brochure CPIfactsbrochure.pdf Supplementary Document 04/21/2017
Note to Reviewer - 1220-0044 Note to Reviewer of 1220-0044_Final.docx Justification for No Material/Nonsubstantive Change 04/21/2017

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Fixler, Dennis
ID116 2014 Letter BLS TPOPS 2014 10 28 from BEA.pdf
Chief Statistician Bureau of Economic Analysis Letter Simple 10/28/2014 10/28/2014