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Supporting_Statement_A_(1220-0032)_2017.doc 09/25/2017

Document Date Uploaded
Supporting_Statement_B_(1220-0032)_2017.docx 09/25/2017

Title Document Document Type Date Uploaded
Authorizing Statute - Wagner-Peyser Wagner-Peyser.docx Supplementary Document 10/02/2014
Authorizing Statute - BLS BLS Authorizing Statute.doc Supplementary Document 10/02/2014
BLS Handbook of Methods HOM-QCEW.pdf Supplementary Document 09/15/2017
Uses of QCEW QCEW-Uses-Chart-2017.pdf Supplementary Document 09/15/2017

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Fixler, Dennis
Bureau of Economic Analysis Letter Simple 08/16/2017 08/21/2017