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ss 0176 Final 01-03-2018.docx 01/03/2018

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OSH Act Section 8 USC 657 29 USC 657 Sec 8.pdf Supplementary Document 01/15/2008
OSH ACt Section 24 USC 673 29 USC 673 Sec 24.pdf Supplementary Document 01/16/2008
29 CFR Part 1904 --- Recording and Reporting Ocupational Injuries and Illnesses 29 CFR Part 1904.pdf Supplementary Document 01/16/2008
Mockup OSHA's Injury/Illness Data collection rev-OSHAdatacollection-rulemaking-mockup_6-24-15 (2).pdf Supplementary Document 04/28/2016
FRN 60-day 2017-09-14.pdf Supplementary Document 01/03/2018

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Yashinskie, Susan
Comment_from_Yashinskie,_Susan_American_Fuel_Petrochemical_Association_(AFPM) 1336.pdf
American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers Email Simple 03/10/2014 03/10/2014
Taylor, Bill
Comment_from_Taylor,_Bill_Public_Agency_Safety_Management_Association_(PASMA)-South_Chapter 0157.pdf
Public Agency Safety Management Association- South Chapter Email Simple 01/17/2014 01/17/2014
Moore, Dale
Comment_from_Moore,_Dale_American_Farm_Bureau_Federation_(AFBF) 1113.pdf
American Farm Bureau Federation Email Simple 03/06/2014 03/06/2014
Loht, Paula
Comment_from_Loht,_Paula_Gannett Fleming, Inc_ 0247.pdf
Gannett Fleming Inc. Email Simple 03/03/2014 03/03/2014
Griffin, David
Comment_from_Houlihan,_Michael_and_Griffin,_David_Private_Citizens 1370.pdf
Email Simple 03/10/2014 03/10/2014
Hartwig, Rick
Comment_from_Hartwig,_Rick_Graphic_Arts_Coalition_(GAC) 1205.pdf
The Graphic Arts Coalition Email Simple 03/07/2014 03/07/2014
Hall, Michael
Comment_from_Hall,_Michael_Pacific_Maritime_Association_(PMA) 1326.pdf
Pacific Maritime Association Email Simple 03/10/2014 03/10/2014
Gulibon, Grant
Comment_from_Guilibon,_Grant_Pennsylvania_Farm_Bureau_(PFB) 1359.pdf
Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Email Simple 03/07/2014 03/07/2014
Cordaro, Tressi
Comment_from_Freedman,_Marc_Coalition_for_Workplace_Safety_(CWS) 1411.pdf
Coalition for Workplace Safety Email Simple 03/10/2014 03/10/2014
Conn, Eric
Comment_from_Conn,_Eric_National_Retail_Federation_(NRF) 1328.pdf
National Retail Federation Email Simple 03/10/2014 03/10/2014
Breaux, Brian
Comment_from_Breaux,_Brian_Louisiana_Farm_Bureau_Federation,_(LFBF) 1386.pdf
Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation, Inc. Email Simple 03/07/2014 03/07/2014