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1220_0163_Supporting Statement Part A_May7 Final.docx 05/07/2019

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1220_0163_Supporting Statement Part B_April2 Final.docx 04/04/2019

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Attachment I - Title 29 ATT_I_Title_29 USC 1&2.doc Supplementary Document 09/13/2018
Attachment VII - Handbook of Methods ATT_VII_Ch17.pdf Supplementary Document 09/13/2018
Attachment VIII - The 2018 revision of the CPI geographic Sample Attachment VIII - the-2018-revision-of-the-cpi-geographic-sample.pdf Supplementary Document 09/13/2018
Attachment XI - FY2020 proposed changes Attachment XI - FY20 Rent_Screen_and_Lease_Questions.docx Supplementary Document 04/04/2019

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Fixler, Dennis
ID097 2018 Letter BLS CPI 2018 08 06.pdf
Chief Economist Bureau of Economic Analysis Letter Simple 08/06/2018 08/06/2018