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Amended DPRK addition ESTA 1651-0111 2019 SS.docx 02/12/2019

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Title Document Document Type Date Uploaded
Supporting Laws and Regulations Supporting Laws.doc Supplementary Document 03/04/2008
Supporting Laws 8 CFR 217 and 212 1(e).doc Supplementary Document 03/18/2010
Supporting Law 9-11 Act PL 110-53.doc Supplementary Document 03/18/2010
Travel Promotion Act Travel Promotion Act.pdf Supplementary Document 07/13/2010
ESTA SORN ESTA SORN Sept 2016.pdf Supplementary Document 12/19/2016
ESTA PIA PIA- ESTA Sept. 2016.pdf Supplementary Document 12/19/2016
Emergency Request Memo Emergency Memo (CIO Signature - 06 16 16).pdf Supplementary Document 06/17/2016
VWP Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015.pdf Supplementary Document 02/22/2016
FAQs ESTA PRA FAQs FINAL Dec 2016.docx Supplementary Document 12/19/2016
60 day FRN FR 60 extension with social media.pdf Supplementary Document 07/14/2016
30 day FRN 1651-0111 2016 FR 30 Extension with social media.pdf Supplementary Document 08/31/2016
Emergency Memo 1651-0111 Korea Emergecy Memo for 1651-0111 and 1651-0139.pdf Supplementary Document 10/11/2018

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Public, Joe All Combined comments for 60 day FRN on ESTA Social Media.pdf Other -- Electronic submission Fedreg Multiple 06/23/2016 08/23/2016
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