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I-129 PC FR Supporting Statement.docx 08/14/2019

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Reference Citation Reference Cites.doc Supplementary Document 10/24/2013
PIA 16a CLAIMS3 PIA-016a CLAIMS 3 and Associated Systems_25MAR2016.pdf Supplementary Document 10/11/2016
SORN A File SORN Afile Index NFTS 2017 09 18.pdf Supplementary Document 12/14/2018
SORN BIS SORN 007 Benefits Info Sys 2016 10 19.pdf Supplementary Document 12/14/2018
SORN 18 IBBC SORN 018 DHS_USCIS IBBC 20180731.pdf Supplementary Document 12/14/2018
PIA 003 privacy-pia-003b-uscis-iddmp-feb28,2017.pdf Supplementary Document 12/14/2018
I-129 Form TOC I129-FRM-TOC-PubCharge-FinalRule-08012019.docx Supplementary Document 08/14/2019
I-129 Instructions TOC I129-INS-TOC-PubCharge-FinalRule-09242019.docx Supplementary Document 10/03/2019

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