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A_ICR Statement A NTEWS_11-30-2021.docx 11/30/2021

Document Date Uploaded
B_ICR Statement B NTEWS_09-24-2021.docx 09/30/2021

Title Document Document Type Date Uploaded
America Competes Reauthorization Act 1_NTEWS APPENDIX A_America COMPETES Act.docx Supplementary Document 09/30/2021
National Science Foundation Act of 1950 2_NTEWS APPENDIX B_NSF Act.docx Supplementary Document 09/30/2021
The NTEWS Methodological Experiments 3_NTEWS APPENDIX C_Methodological Experiments.docx Supplementary Document 09/30/2021
NTEWS Contact Materials: FAQs and Letters (English version) 4_NTEWS APPENDIX D_Contact Materials English.docx Supplementary Document 09/30/2021
NTEWS Contact Materials: FAQs and Letters (Spanish version) 5_NTEWS APPENDIX E_Contact Materials Spanish.docx Supplementary Document 09/30/2021
Summary of Existing Federal Survey Data to Measure the Skilled Technical Workforce 6_NTEWS APPENDIX F_Summary of Federal Survey Data.docx Supplementary Document 09/30/2021
NTEWS Rotating Panel Design Chart 7_NTEWS APPENDIX G_Rotating Panel Design Chart.docx Supplementary Document 09/30/2021
Federal Register Notification (FRN): Comments and Responses 8_NTEWS APPENDIX H_FRN Comments and Responses.pdf Supplementary Document 09/30/2021
Consultation Activities for the ATES Development 9_NTEWS APPENDIX I_Consultation Activities for the ATES Development.docx Supplementary Document 09/30/2021
NCSES and NCES Inventory of Incentives 10_NTEWS APPENDIX J_NCSES and NCES Incentive Inventory.xlsx Supplementary Document 09/30/2021
Power Analysis: NTEWS Methodological Experiments and Seeded Sample 13_NTEWS_APPENDIX M_Power Analysis.docx Supplementary Document 09/30/2021
NTEWS Questionnaire Development through Cognitive Research 14_NTEWS APPENDIX N_Questionnaire Development.docx Supplementary Document 09/30/2021
NTEWS Evaluating for Utility and Quality 15_NTEWS APPENDIX O_Evaluating Utility and Quality.docx Supplementary Document 09/30/2021
NTEWS Utility-Quality Itemized Grid 16_NTEWS APPENDIX P_Utility-Quality Itemized Grid.xlsx Supplementary Document 09/30/2021

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Sedlak, Wendy
Wendy Sedlak comment - Lumina Foundation.pdf
Lumina Foundation Other -- API Simple 06/15/2020 06/15/2020
Albert, Kyle
Kyle Albert NTEWS Comment.pdf
Email Simple 06/15/2020 06/15/2020
Grann, Jeff
Jeff Grann comment - Credential Engine.pdf
Credential Engine Other -- API Simple 06/15/2020 06/15/2020
Swift, Roy
NTEWS Comments_Workcred_06_15_2020.pdf
Workcred Email Simple 06/15/2020 06/15/2020
Albert, Kyle
NCRN NTEWS Comment.pdf
Non-degree Credentials Research Network Email Simple 06/15/2020 06/15/2020
Albert, Kyle
NCRN NTEWS 30-day Comment.pdf
George Washington University Non-degree Credentials Research Network at George Washington University Other -- Reginfo.gov Simple 10/29/2021 10/29/2021