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Supporting Statement A.508clean.docx 11/28/2023

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60 Day Public Comment Response 60-day PRA responses_08-29-2023_for 30-day publication.docx Supplementary Document 09/25/2023
60-Day Crosswalk CY2021 to CY2024 Crosswalk_20230210_508.pdf Supplementary Document 09/25/2023
30-Day Crosswalk CY2021 to CY2024 Crosswalk_508.9.19.2023_60 and 30 Day Crosswalk.pdf Supplementary Document 09/25/2023
30 Day Public Comment Response 30-day PRA responses_20231115_clean.docx Supplementary Document 11/28/2023

Author Name Comment Document Author Affiliation Sponsoring Org. Type Category Date of Comment Date Comment Received
Other -- Reginfo.gov Simple 10/19/2023 10/19/2023
AHIP_Part C Reporting RequirementsOMBcomments_Oct2023.pdf
AHIP Other -- Reginfo.gov Simple 10/25/2023 10/25/2023
60day comments.pdf
Email Multiple 09/25/2023 09/25/2023
Martin, Jennifer
UHC Comments - Part C Reporting Requirements Final.pdf
UnitedHealthcare Other -- Reginfo.gov Simple 10/25/2023 10/25/2023
Bennett, Kelly
Part C Reporting Requirements Comment_OMB 0938-1054.docx
Other -- Reginfo.gov Simple 10/25/2023 10/25/2023