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1219-0007 200802-1219-002
Historical Active 200411-1219-002
Mine Accident, Injury & Illness Report and Quarterly Mine Employment and Coal Production Report (30 CFR 50.10; 50.11; 50.20; and 50.30)
Extension without change of a currently approved collection   No
Approved without change 04/24/2008
Retrieve Notice of Action (NOA) 02/29/2008
Approved consistent with the prior terms of clearance: "This information collection request is approved for an additional three years, consistent with the following term of clearance: MSHA (continue to) clarify in the instructions to the form and any other appropriate publicly available materials that the ILO classification currently in use (ILO 1/0) is being utilized as a threshold for reporting, rather than as an indication that a definitive diagnosis of a specific occupational illness or injury."
  Inventory as of this Action Requested Previously Approved
04/30/2011 36 Months From Approved 04/30/2008
139,903 0 133,852
270,666 0 105,042
31,993 0 34,000