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3060-1144 201011-3060-005
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Consumer Survey
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Emergency 11/22/2010
Approved with change 01/13/2011
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This ICR is approved for the focus group and pre-test portions. Once the FCC has completed this work, the agency should resubmit any revisions, including changes to the supporting statements and the survey instrument. Additionally, for the main survey, the FCC has agreed that the final report prepared by the contractors, Scott Savage and Donald Waldman, will contain nonresponse bias analysis. The analysis will examine nonresponse bias present in the survey response rates of panel members. The analysis will use multivariate techniques to identify the characteristics of cases selected for the survey that were least likely to respond. Cases will be coded as either responding or not responding and multivariate techniques will be used to identify which case characteristics are correlated with nonresponse. The nonresponse bias discussion in the report will review existing analyses of the nonresponse bias associated with the recruitment of panel members into the Knowledge Networks panel. In addition, the procedures used to develop the post-stratification weights that adjust for non-response will be discussed.
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