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Administration and Oversight of the Unaccompanied Children Program
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Approved with change 05/18/2022
Retrieve Notice of Action (NOA) 09/27/2021
We thank the agency for its considerable efforts making several improvements in the Administration and Oversight instruments, which will improve notice and consent in relation to record sharing (A-5) and clarify children's rights in relation to Flores visits (A-4). Revisions to A-5 make it clear that UC and sponsors have the right to request their own case files, add clarity about what files would be released in case of authorization, and clarify that refusing to sign a release of records would not affect UC placement, services, or release. Further, we thank the agency for translating A-5 into Spanish. We also agree with the agency's decision to remove 'gang affiliation' from the Notification of Concern instrument. We understand that in the future, ORR intends to reorganize its incident reporting structure, which may result in a re-shuffling of approved content. At this time, ORR anticipates the changes to be within the scope for non-substantive change requests, but will work with OMB to confirm once final.
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