Agency Rule List - Spring 2022

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Agency Agenda Stage of Rulemaking Title RIN
CPSC Prerule Stage Certificates of Compliance 3041-AC94
CPSC Prerule Stage Aerosol Duster Petition 3041-AD85
CPSC Prerule Stage Portable Fuel Containers Safety Act of 2020 3041-AD88
CPSC Proposed Rule Stage Possible Revocation or Amendment of Standard for the Flammability of Mattresses and Mattress Pads (Cigarette Ignition) 3041-AC27
CPSC Proposed Rule Stage Portable Generators 3041-AC36
CPSC Proposed Rule Stage Petition Requesting a Ban or Standard on Adult Portable Bed Rails 3041-AD30
CPSC Proposed Rule Stage Gas Appliance Carbon Monoxide Sensors 3041-AD70
CPSC Proposed Rule Stage Off-Highway Vehicles 3041-AD83
CPSC Proposed Rule Stage General Wearing Apparel 16 CFR Part 1610 Rule Amendments 3041-AD86
CPSC Proposed Rule Stage Safety Standard for Accessibility of Button and Coin Batteries in Consumer Products and Special Packaging for Button and Coin Batteries 3041-AD87
CPSC Final Rule Stage Regulatory Options for Table Saws 3041-AC31
CPSC Final Rule Stage Petition on Crib Bumpers 3041-AD23
CPSC Final Rule Stage Petition for Rulemaking to Eliminate Accessible Cords on Window Covering Products 3041-AD31
CPSC Final Rule Stage Furniture Tip Overs: Clothing Storage Units 3041-AD65
CPSC Final Rule Stage Safety Standard for Magnets 3041-AD82
CPSC Final Rule Stage Xofluza Petition 3041-AD84