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RIN Agency Rule Title Status Concluded Date Conclusion Action
09/23/2021 0648-BJ33 0648-DOC/NOAA Establish National Insurance Requirements for Observer Providers Pending Review
09/23/2021 3206-AO23 3206-OPM Probation on Initial Appointment to a Competitive Position; Performance-Based Reduction In Grade and Removal Actions; and Adverse Actions Pending Review
09/23/2021 0938-AU66 0938-HHS/CMS Prescription Drug and Health Care Spending (CMS-9905) Pending Review
09/21/2021 0938-AU55 0938-HHS/CMS Request for Information: Transplant System Modernization (CMS-3409) Pending Review
09/21/2021 1904-AF09 1904-DOE/EE Backstop Requirement for General Service Lamps Pending Review
09/21/2021 1625-ZA42 1625-DHS/USCG Type-approval Testing Methods for Ballast Water Management Systems that Render Nonviable Organisms in Ballast Water. Pending Review
09/20/2021 0930-AA37 0930-HHS/SAMHSA Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs--Oral/Fluid Pending Review
09/20/2021 0930-AA36 0930-HHS/SAMHSA Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs--Urine Pending Review
09/20/2021 3090-AK39 3090-GSA General Services Acquisition Regulation (GSAR); GSAR Case 2021–G522, Contract Requirements for High-Security Leased Space Pending Review
09/20/2021 3090-AK42 3090-GSA Federal Management Regulation (FMR); FMR Case 2021-102-1, Real Estate Acquisition Pending Review

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