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RIN Agency Rule Title Status Concluded Date Conclusion Action
05/29/2020 3209-AA50 3209-OGE Legal Expense Fund Regulation Pending Review
05/29/2020 1105-AB63 1105-DOJ/LA Manner of Federal Executions Pending Review
05/29/2020 1210-AB95 1210-DOL/EBSA Financial Factors in Selecting Plan Investments Pending Review
05/28/2020 3206-AN92 3206-OPM Temporary and Term Employment Pending Review
05/28/2020 0750-AK81 0750-DOD/DARC Strategic Assessment and Cybersecurity Certification Requirements (DFARS Case 2019-D041) Pending Review
05/28/2020 0910-ZA67 0910-HHS/FDA Compliance Policy Guide Sec. 540.750 Use of The Seafood List to Determine Acceptable Seafood Names; Guidance for FDA Staff Pending Review
05/28/2020 0910-ZA68 0910-HHS/FDA Opioid Use Disorder: Endpoints for Demonstrating Effectiveness of Drugs for Medication-Assisted Treatment; Guidance for Industry Pending Review
05/28/2020 0910-ZA69 0910-HHS/FDA Cannabis and Cannabis-Derived Compounds: Quality Considerations for Clinical Research; Draft Guidance for Industry; Availability Pending Review
05/28/2020 1205-AB78 1205-DOL/ETA Trade Adjustment Assistance for Workers Pending Review
05/28/2020 2506-ZA08 2506-HUD/CPD Overview of CARES Act Moratorium on Evictions on the Housing Trust Fund Program Pending Review

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