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  PTAB Rules of Practice for Briefing Discretionary Denial Issues, and Rules for 325(d) Considerations, Instituting Parallel and Serial Petitions, and Termination Due to Settlement Agreement


  Proposed Rule Stage

  04/09/2024 11:30 AM

  Andrew Barbour   Andrew Barbour   Coalition for Patent Quality

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List of Attendees Participation
•   David Crane  - Bose Public Affairs for The Clearing House Teleconference 
•   Sean Reilly  - The Clearing House Teleconference 
•   Sarah Mamula  - Bank Policy Institute Teleconference 
•   Scott Talbott  - Electronic Transactions Association Teleconference 
•   Andy Barbour  - FS Vector for the Quality Patents Coalition Teleconference 
•   Michael Wong  - Bank Policy Institute Teleconference 
•   Nicholas Fraser  - OMB/OIRA Teleconference 
•   Steve Aitken  - IPEC Teleconference 
•   Summer Kostelnik  - IPEC Teleconference 
•   Kyu Lee  - USPTO Teleconference 
•   Amber Hagy  - USPTO Teleconference 
•   Michael Tierney  - USPTO Teleconference 
•   David Androphy  - American Bankers Association Teleconference