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  Tobacco Product Standard for Characterizing Flavors in Cigars


  Proposed Rule Stage

  04/12/2022 02:00 PM

  National Association of Tobacco Outlets   Thomas Briant

List of Documents
Master Settlement Agreement Payment Allocations by State
TTB Tobacco Product Statistical Release (11-2021)
TTB Statistical Analysis Tax Collections (FY 2020)
NATO Memo on Economic Impact of Tobacco Product Standards (4-12-22)
Global Illicit Trade in Tobacco Report (2015)
Gray Market Cigarette Website (
Federal Menthol Cigarette Ban May Cost Governments (The Tax Foundation, March 2022)
Gray Market Cigarettes (DePaul Journal Article, 2015)
List of Attendees Participation
•   Thomas Briant  - National Association of Tobacco Outletes Teleconference 
•   Mary Szarmach  - Smoker Friendly International Teleconference 
•   Brad Longcake  - National Association of Tobacco Outlets Teleconference 
•   Paul Crozier  - Sheetz Convenience Stores Teleconference 
•   James Anthony  - FDA Teleconference 
•   Beth Buckler  - FDA Teleconference 
•   Nate Mease  - FDA Teleconference 
•   Racheal Schmidt  - FDA Teleconference 
•   Courtney Smith  - FDA Teleconference 
•   Scott Chesemore  - FDA Teleconference 
•   Michael Ciccarone  - OMB/OIRA Teleconference 
•   Carmine Leggett  - OMB/OIRA Teleconference 
•   Libby Ashley  - OMB/OIRA Teleconference 
•   Meagan Singer  - SBA Advocacy Teleconference