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  Tobacco Product Standard for Characterizing Flavors in Cigars


  Final Rule Stage

  01/26/2024 01:00 PM

  Ritney Castine   Ritney Castine

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List of Attendees Participation
•   Miriam Barnett  - Director, Health Commission, AME Church Teleconference 
•   Jesse Brown  - National Association of African Americans for Positivity Teleconference 
•   Ritney Castine  - Pastor, Mt Pisgah AME Church, Jersey City, NJ Teleconference 
•   Scott Chesemore  - FDA Teleconference 
•   Tamika Hopkins  - FDA Teleconference 
•   Thoron Malone  - Fresh Communities, LLC Way Cross, GA Teleconference 
•   Edgar Melgar  - OMB Teleconference 
•   Adrian Mixon  - FDA Teleconference 
•   Russell Myers  - Executive Director, Florida Council of Churches, Jacksonville, FL Teleconference 
•   Justin Sherren  - FDA Teleconference 
•   Jane Wargo  - HHS Teleconference 
•   Jason Carson. Wilson  - United Church of Christ, Washington, DC Teleconference 
•   Carmine Leggett  - FDA Teleconference 
•   Steven Tipton  - Milwaukee, FACT Youth Tobacco Prevention Program Teleconference