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  Inadmissibility and Deportability on Public Charge Grounds


  Proposed Rule Stage

  10/08/2019 02:00 PM

  City of Houston   Terence O'Neill

List of Documents
CPPP_ Public Charge Impacts Houston-Harris County
Harris Health Board of Trustees Legislative Update
DOJ Public Charge Harris County Impact (2)
Harris Health CEO Masi Letter
Medicaid-Payments-at-Risk-for-Hospitals-Under-the-Public-Charge-Proposed Rule_Manatt Health_Nov 2018
Public Charge City County Letter
nejmp1808020 public charge
jamapediatrics_zallman_2019_oi_190039 public charge
jama_katz_2018_vp_180132 public charge
List of Attendees Participation
•   Mr. Benito Juarez  - City of Houston Office of New Americans Teleconference 
•   Terence O'Neill  - City of Houston Office of New Americans Teleconference 
•   Mr. Bill Kelly  - City of Houston Mayor's Office Teleconference 
•   Mr. Jamaal Smith  - City of Houston Mayor's Office Teleconference 
•   Ms. Illy Jaffer  - City of Houston Health Department Teleconference 
•   Mrs. Barbara Sudhoff  - NONE Teleconference 
•   Mr. Sinchang Chiu  - Harris County Judge's Office Teleconference 
•   Mr. Nicholas D. Anderson  - City of Houston Office of Government Relations Teleconference 
•   Dr. Joann Schulte  - NONE Teleconference 
•   Susan H. Lent, JD  - Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP In Person 
•   Aresha Davwa  - Harris County Judge's Office Teleconference 
•   Tanya Makany - Rivera  - Huston Health Department In Person 
•   Donald Fleming  - Legal Department Huston In Person 
•   Eric Garmsen   - DOJ In Person 
•   Michele Austin  - Huston Health Department In Person 
•   Debra Banerjee  - Huston Health Department In Person 
•   Shannon Joyce  - OMB In Person 
•   Jessica Helmers  - DOJ In Person